Friday, March 17, 2006

1000 posts: The Story so far

The lovely Anna gave us a summary of posts when she hit the 100 mark: having hit the 1000 (my god, such waffling!) I feel the urge to do something similar. But obviously I am far more gabby so mine is very long!

So here is a review of the posts so far on a month by month basis, picking out regular topics and those posts that either drew the most comments or were just plain entertaining to me.

Now this doesn't quite add up to the 1000 but it gives you an approximate idea ...

September 2004: 17 posts
Typical posts:

October 2004: 19 posts

November 2004: 5 posts
NB my dad died at the start of the month and blogging was therefore very light

December 2004: 6 posts

January 2005: 49 posts
Hmmm... do you think I may have started with a new resolution on blogging for 2005?

February 2005: 57 posts

March 2005: 40 posts

April 2005: 54 posts

May 2005: 58 posts

June 2005: 67 posts

July 2005: 52 posts

August 2005: 42 posts

September 2005: 82 posts

October 2005: 81 posts

November 2005: 93 posts

December 2005: 90 posts

January 2006: 81 posts

February 2006: 70 posts

March 2006 (so far): 39 posts

Predictions as at Friday 17 March: observers may spot that the remaining months get much more silly, with increasing numbers of short posts and lots of them linking to Marie... Wonder why???


bot37363838 said...

Congratulations on 1000 posts. I missed that particular boat and didn't think to mark any milestones. Just read your pensions rant: I'm in a similar position.

I was lucky enough to have a civil service job for 9 years, but I was on crap money, so should any pension survive the next 20 years or so, it's not going to be worth much.

Then 7 years of non-pensioned education (no NI contributions to speak of), and since then, well. I've been earning quite well, but I've also had to pay full time child care costs for at least one, sometimes two, kids for the past 8 years. So that's where my pension is.

Reidski said...

1000 brilliant posts - congratulations lisa. You have taken us through the ups and downs of your life for the past 18 months or so and we have nothing but admiration for you as a result - oh, except, I think that you are the one who brought Duff to us! So think on, mate ......

arf arf arf

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I don't think I bought Duff in - dear God if I did how many hail marys must I proclaim! - Cloud knew of him already long before Duff polled up on my doorstep. Sadly though he hasn't gone away...

I really do not mean to encourage him!

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

Huge congratulations on 1000 posts - they always raise a smile. :)

Kara said...

Congrats, Lisa! I have some serious catching up to do... ;-)