Saturday, March 18, 2006

Egg me on, why don't you?

Okay: snapshot from my life.

Supermarket shopping, we need eggs. I pick up a box and in checking they're not broken already, I manage to touch an egg that has a shell so thin it must have been nicked from the (free-range) hen's arse before it had time to thicken.

Cue Lisa with egg all over her hands and Cloud in hysterics.

I go off to the toilets to clean myself up.

... and leave Cloud in charge of my main bag...

with my mobile in it...

What do I get on my return, hands newly cleaned of egg yolk?
"someone called David phoned..."

"ha ha... very funny..."

"no really... said he liked your blog..."
Tell me people: do other people's long term partners tease them in this way?

Or is it just us?

Thought so...


J.J said...

Oh god, for a moment there i thought he meant David Duff!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...


Jane, that has just placed the most HORRIFIC image in my head!

I feel slightly sick...

very funny response though!