Thursday, January 13, 2005

David Tennant: the other hero of Blackpool

Ah, nice to see that Casyn over at The Slayer Library has the forthcoming Harry Potter film on her list of things to do this year. Not because I really like the Harry Potter films - though the last one, based on my favourite of the novels so far, was better than the other two by some distance - but because David Tennant is taking one of the role in it (Barty Crouch Jnr.)

Blackpool, was one of my favourite dramas of last year (see post here, though I could have sworn there were other mentions here... maybe I'm thinking of my personal emailings!). And the wonderful Tennant - from Paisley, no less [some of you may spot in that a theme/link/reason for my delight in his performance] - provided some of its most memorable moments. "These boots were made for walking" anyone?!

Anyway, if only for that, I have to approve of this casting - even if it was done on the basis of his performance in He Knew He Was Right (by that Victorian author I have never 'got', Trollope).

Additionally, what's not to love about a guy with a passing resemblance to el Jarvo...

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