Wednesday, January 26, 2005

St Mirren and Douglas Henshall

For those whose love of football leads them to support some of the less fashionable clubs, it can be nice to see fans who hit the big time still taking some time out to give them a boost. So it warms me to post a link here to some pictures and an article that actor Douglas Henshall was involved in with his home team of St Mirren back in 2001.

Although I have always had a soft spot for Celtic over Rangers, I certainly sympathise with the motivations of his father for getting him into a club not overtly associated with sectarian support.

St Mirren are now one of the little minnows of the Scottish leagues, but it wasn't always thus: the mighty Alex Ferguson managed the team between 1974 and 1978 before moving to Aberdeen and then taking up with the behemoth that is Manchester United.

All this is by way of saying that Henshall looks cute with his still-long locks on these pictures. I have to note though that every time I regularly start checking their results the team starts losing again! They had a great run over the late 2004 period, and were clearly second in the Scottish First Division table only to hit a disastrous run of form - just recently broken by Stewart Kean's goal against mid-table Airdrie United. Come on Saints!

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