Saturday, September 30, 2006

Opening Line: 30 September 2006

In honour of our trip today:

"Well I don't care about history"

Artiste? Song?

: congrats to (new?) visitor Wozza, who has a number of Wozza blogs and spaces. Although I hope he hasn't been tempted into googling....!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Fireplaces installed - awaiting plasterer

This is the new dining room fireplace.

Photo by Rullsenberg: Valentine fireplace

It was previously this monstrosity.

Photo by Rullsenberg: old dining room fireplace made of bricks

And this is the new front room fireplace (the beloved beast I fell for earlier this year).

Photo by Rullsenberg: Toulouse fireplace

Its predecessor was actually doubly hideous: when it came to pulling it down we realised it was essentially brick fascia on board. Grrr.

Photo by Rullsenberg: old front room fireplace made of crud

Now the monsters have gone!

Opening Line: 29 September 2006

"Summer in the city where the air is still, a baby being born to the overkill"

Artiste? Song?

I needed something cheery after the rollercoaster week I have had...

UPDATE: Well done Chrissie!

Helen Lisette's selected film lines

Through thunder and lightening, my good friend HL has had a quick think about the movie lines. There are some here I would expect, and some that make me go "doh! why didn't I remember that?!" I mean, "To Kill a Mockingbird" - classic stuff!

"Stand up Miss Jean-Louise, your father's passin'"
Reverend to Scout in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Never fails to make me cry as the whole of the balcony in the courtroom stand to acknowledge Atticus leaving the courthouse.

"I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next".
Maximus to the Emperor in 'Gladiator'. Inevitable choice.

" I've got a bad feeling about this"
Anyone in the Star Wars Sextet. Had to have a 'Star Wars' line.

"I'll have what she's having"
Lady in diner - 'When Harry Met Sally'. The best ad-lib line I have ever heard and perfectly timed: God bless the director's mum!

"Why would you want to go digging any deeper,
Jack Vincennes to Ed Exley, 'L A Confidential'. Mr Spacey at his coolest and most sardonic. I love it!

"Lucca Brazzi sleeps with the fishes".
Sonny Corleone, 'The Godfather'.
One of those lines that just needs to be said aloud and can frequently be heard emanating from my office.

"Why Me?"
Bud White to Lynn Bracken, 'L A Confidential'.
I know exactly how she feels!

"Miss Jean-Louise
Finch, may I introduce Mr Arthur Radley. I believe he already knows you."
Scout is introduced to 'Boo' after he has saved her life.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

All about Lisa

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Lisa!

  1. If your ear itches, this means that someone is talking about Lisa!
  2. Most bottles and jars contain at least twenty-five percent recycled Lisa!
  3. American Airlines saved forty thousand dollars a year by eliminating Lisa from each salad served in first class.
  4. It's bad luck for a flag to touch Lisa!
  5. The pharoahs of ancient Egypt wore garments made with thin threads of beaten Lisa!
  6. There are roughly 10,000 man-made objects the size of Lisa orbiting the Earth.
  7. The first American zoo was built in 1794, and contained only Lisa.
  8. All the moons of the Solar System are named after characters from Greek and Roman mythology, except the moons of Uranus, which are named after Lisa!
  9. 68 percent of all UFO sightings are by Lisa.
  10. The smelly fluid secreted by skunks is colloquially known as Lisa!
I am interested in - do tell me about

With thanks to the long line of sharers (George, Rob, Kate etc), I now know more about me than I expected!

The beauty of Stapleford

A good sunset can make almost anywhere look good!

Photoby Rullsenberg: Sunset over Stapleford

Life is (not) a Cabaret

Fuzzboy does a great number for continuing the tradition of hilarious bad reviews.

Shame poor Anna was poorly, but it seems as if she didn't miss much!!!

October is coming!


With that voice and manner...

... I can even forgive him the facial fluff.

Goddamn he was lovable!

Opening Line: 28 September 2006

"Through the rails, I spied your ponytail; I tried with sugarcubes and they're okay"

Artiste and song please?

There's a subtle reiteration going on with this one so kudos to those who spot how!

UPDATE:Congrats to Chrissie (on both posts!) but hmmm, blogger problems so it WASN'T that I was being that unsubtle with double postings. No, the connection was that I have of course used Prefab Sprout before AND have used another song called "Wild Horses" (the Stone/Sundays)!

Opening Line: 28 September 2006

"Through the rails, I spied your ponytail; I tried with sugarcubes and they're okay"

Artiste and song please?

There's a subtle reiteration going on with this one so kudos to those who spot how!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Opening Line: 27 September 2006 (late)


Busy BUSY day!

"Everybodys got a thing but some dont know how to handle it"

Artiste? Song?

Just what I needed someone to tell me today...

UPDATE: Our lovely struggling-author-with-a-cold got this!

Top class "it-stinks" review

We all know that bad reviews are the best to read or hear: sassy, funny and even if you know you're unlikely to see the item under review, they just a little bit make you want a taste just so you can spit them out in hysterical agreement.

MediumRob turns his glorious sense of humour on Ghost Whisperer.

As a taster, you know it will be a cracker when the first paragraph reads thus:

Well that was painful. I've seen some pretty rubbish shows in my time, but Ghost Whisperer makes Night Man and Viper look like Six Feet Under. It's as though someone thought Charmed was just a little too edgy and a little too simple and they really needed something more complex and more touchy-feely.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Dude

Lots of "via" tips for this, so suffice to say that my CloudyNeil directed me to the gem that is Jeff Bridges website.

El Duderino rules!

Opening Line: 26 September 2006

"Some day, when I'm awfully low, when the world is cold"

Awh, I'm a sucker for this sort of thing.

Artiste? Song?

UPDATE: Gordon gets in with this. There is a link in my comment to direct you to more info and a clue as to which version I was thinking of (it was the earliest Oscar-winning one...)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Opening Line: 25 September 2006

"Tick, tock, go the death-watch beetles in el presidente's swill"

A song I have long loved (from a tape compilation I cannot replace on CD it seems), although I have just tracked this song on another collection. Yeah!

Artiste? Song?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Can love withstand football?

Fingers crossed everyone after this result!


Minstrelsy and the other

Intriguing post from Matt_C whilst in his Fisking Central mode regarding the return of black face and the too-consistent-to-be-healthy amount of black artists making themselves 'other'.

We caught a bit of Mitchell and Webb the other week, with a sketch that had an 'ironic' use of black-face.

It wasn't, I would have to note, very funny. Even in that post-everything kinda way that a lot of recent humour likes to use. Sorry folks.

But Matt_c has a point about the wider issue of identity shifting: why do actors/comedians resort to unfunny fat suits, baby suits, men as women outfits?

I mean, how often has that actually been funny?

Ludella Black's cover version of The Beatles' "I've just seen a face"

Bloody hell that is cracking!!!

I've just checked it out on the fantastic collection of girl pop "Alright, this time just the girls Volume 2".

Can I highly recommend this great thrashy, poppy, girls with guitars album of gems? I'm gonna have to get hold of Volume 1 having picked Volume 2 up in One-Up, Aberdeen.

That Ludella Black cover of "I've Just Seen a Face" is just blinding though and I'm not the only one to comment on it...

Best lines in movies?

George comes back from his imposed blog break (holidays, working, us visiting?!) and brings us another excellent and inspired post.

10 best lines from movies

Now of course I have to take up the challenge.

It is tricky though, because movie quotes lists are legion and lengthy. And although they are fun to read through, you can get the feeling that they don't mean that much to anyone. On the other hand, by investing it with personal taste, a movie lines list can represent something more individual. In that respect it is rather like the desert island discs selection we did before - and by the way, I have to give proper credit here as that was actually inspired by the lovely Sonia!

My problem was that I couldn't select very well in terms of type. I found myself drawn to a lot of comedic lines/exchanges but really wanted some of the tingle inducing romantic moments. So I know this is more of a list of what came to mind than a perfectly formed top 10. Cos I know the longer I think about it, the longer it will get!

So this is more of a selective 10. There could have been another 10 at least.

  1. The cheesy moment: "No one puts Baby in a corner" - cue cheers from every girl in the audience!

  2. The best suburban punk rebellion line: "Let's get sushi and not pay! - hysterical

  3. The "yeah!" moment: "This is from Mathilda" - Although this was on G's list, I'm justifying including it here as it has long been on my list of favourite moments that make me cry

  4. The "what-the-hell-have-I-just-been-watching?!" moment: "We have just lost cabin pressure" - the second when I KNEW I had to immediately go back and see this movie again

  5. The exchange that sums up (local) politics: "Warren, suppose the hijackers start shooting at me? / Will you stop? They have no reason to shoot at you / Why - do you think they're from out of town?" - my valentine's day present a few years back. A film I still love to bits.

  6. The line that makes me wince with laughter: "And I cayn't stand'im" - 'cos Lina Lamont talking just floors me...

  7. The funniest moment featuring Brad Pitt: "Hey, get some beer, and products" - just cracks me up every time and is regularly invoked when we go shopping

  8. The best in-joke about movies: "She is Lana Turner" - has me in giggles before the line even appears

  9. My completely gratuitous inclusion of a line/speech that I love: "You see, you care for somebody more than you care for yourself. You lose yourself. You may be frightened, but you trust, and you risk. You risk everything that you've fought to gain." - sniff.

  10. The best set-up line for a conclusion: "Baby, you're gonna miss that plane..." - because it just makes you catch your breath with the hope that the film is gonna end perfectly. And it does...

And if I can also have one perfect script, can I please have Casablanca which has just too many great lines to chose from. Witty, political, and weepy. I could have filled a list from that one film...

So there you have it. And if you fancy donating your own selections, can I perhaps direct you to the lovely George's page?

Catch up with G man

George has just updated his excellent blog, so for those wanting a little more of our trip to Aberdeen there is a nice little update on us here. He also does a nice little tour of Yorkshire with the Sonia with some excellent pics here. And as reassurance that at some point in the future the bienn toe will be better for some more Munros, George does get to do some walking.

For those of you who like single malts, there is a good pean to their greatness here - Lagavulin fans especially will like this.

And for those of you who STILL haven't taken it up, may we yet again recommend Superqueens to your musical collection. Well worth any wait eh G?

There is at least one key post I haven't commented on yet. Trust me, it deserves it's own post...

Opening Line: 24 September 2006

House still in chaos with fireplaces so apologies for my erratic contributions to the daily burst of opening lines.

Here's another one!

"Dark in the city, night is a wire"

Hee hee hee...

Artiste? Name of the song?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Some initial thoughts on favourite female film characters

Inspired by Marie, and following a glance at MysticDollarRedemption's list over at All About My Movies, I thought I would draft up a list of favourite female film characters. This is a rough draft post though...

In no particular order then my additions...

  1. Celine (Julie Delphy, Before Sunrise/Before Sunset) - for being vulnerable, spiky, expectant, mischievous and for the great way she deals with Jesse ["baby, you're gonna miss that plane..."]

  2. Anne Napolitano (Mercedes Reuhl, The Fisher King) - for knowing what love really is, for being sparky and pained, and for coping so well with the quirky-beyond-belief Lydia (Amanda Plummer), who could easily have been another choice from the same movie

  3. Mary (Kathy Burke, This Year's Love) - for keeping her self-esteem: "I'm not that desperate..."

  4. Marge Gunderson ( Frances McDormand, Fargo) - for just being the coolest pregnant woman ever

  5. Amy Archer (Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hudsucker Proxy) - two Coen brothers women? Yep, I love 'em - "I won the Pulitzer Prize!"

  6. Mathilda (Natalie Portman, Leon) - for being older than her years and vengeance-driven

  7. Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2) - in the original she's pretty much just a screamer, albeit one who finally 'triumphs'. But I love the psychotic, pumped up momma that she becomes in T2

  8. Cecilia (Mia Farrow, The Purple Rose of Cairo) - for being such a great dreamer

  9. Isabelle (Isabelle Huppert, Amateur) - what's not to love about a nymphomaniac ex-nun who's never had sex?

  10. Margo Channing (Bette Davis, All About Eve) - one of the first BD films I remember seeing and she just mesmerised me

  11. Devon Stockard (Mischa Barton, Lawn Dogs) - one of the few child roles I can bear to watch, and before Mischa went all OC on us...

  12. Marla Singer (Helena Cardboard-Box Bonham-Carter, Fight Club) - in a boy's film she absolutely dominates the screen when she's on it

  13. Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss, The Matrix) - not the trilogy, just The Matrix. Kicking ass and looking cool - what a combination!

  14. Alabama Worley (Patricia Arquette, True Romance) - for being way cute and fighting back

Okay, that's just a few first thoughts and as I say Marie KNOWS she has nicked off with a lot of the great ones I would have chosen. I mean, she's already stolen off with Thelma and Louise, Rizzo, Ripley, Hildy Johnson etc etc. It's tough following that choice!!

Opening Line: 22 September 2006

"Clouds on the moon, it was a Hollywood sky"

This reminds me, I still owe someone a lyrics list....

Artiste? Song title?

UPDATE: Well done Chrissie!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Opening Line: 21 September 2006

"Greetings, girl, and welcome to my world of phrase"

Artiste? Name of the song please?

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. We're in the midst of "ARGH" with the fireplace people being let down by the hearth supplying people and to say I'm a little tetchy would be an understatement.

The fireplaces though DO look lovely and I can't wait to have them installed!!!!

If it helps I am plotting my way to provide you with some further examples of favourite female film characters, despite Marie nicking loads of the best ones in her extended 25 list...

UPDATE: Struggling Author gets this after a minor panic that problems with comments recognition would block her! Well done!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Eeh, we are such philistines in Nottingham

CloudyNeil pointed me to the story of Anish Kapoor's "Sky Mirror" being located in New York and the comment the BBC site makes about Nottingham in telling the story.

Harumph. Really, are my fellow Nottinghamians so dumb?

Plise, do nott ansswer thatt...

Especially as I can deliberately spell things incorrectly (ahem...)

UPDATE: of course if I had kept up to date with my blogroll I would have seen the inestimably lovely troubled diva himself writing on topic of the Sky Mirror in NYC and Nottingham yesterday.

Struggling Author does 25 female film characters

Brilliant list of favourite 25 female film characters and a bit of an inspiration to do my own list.

She has nicked loads of the good ones though...

Boris on "Have I got News for You"

Really, I know that giving them the oxygen of publicity is more than many Tories really deserve, but Boris on HIGNFY is just too funny to explain. Check it out here, here and here, although earlier appearances also abound.

Evolution anyone?

Opening Line 20 September 2006

"I'm sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, shortsighted, narrow-minded hypocrites"

Still a riveting track.

Artiste? Song title?

UPDATE: Mike is top visitor today! (And I remember the version he recalls as well!)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Update on people's blogs

Anna's been having fun.

Some girls are getting fickle (including Rosby in the comments: "If he doesn't turn up, that would make two of us who have given up on him...
...well, not given up, exactly, just found someone younger, sexier, with nicer eyes and a much nicer voice. Who looks good in a cowboy hat.
Ho hum."

SimonHolyHoses has been getting lonely but has drawn some extra comments. And now that Catherine has perhaps got her caching sorted, she might find more comments there... [;)]

And EineKleineRob had someone impersonating him and trolling at another blog.

Hmmm... I need to face my demons and open bloglines to do this remotely properly don't I....???

See ya around! Its manic at work and I'm in the midst of more house development!

Opening Line: 19 September 2006

"The world is full of fools, who never get it right"

Artiste? Song title?

Not quite as cheesy as yesterday's selection!

UPDATE: Stu_n gets in with this and says he has cited it in an interesting place (I wonder what the context was??!!)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Opening Line: 18 September 2006

"Sittin here, eatin my heart out waitin', waitin for some lover to call"

See, I can do cheesy...
Artiste and song title please...

And bonus points (metaphorical only!) for those who get why I have this track!

UPDATE: big congrats to Gert who shouldn't be at all astonished to get in with an opening line! Well done! And yes, its the Ultimate CFS! (as discussed in my forthcoming essay on the topic...)

Apologies! (again)

Yikes, I am getting a bit rubbish at keeping up...

Been demolishing fireplaces to await incoming nice ones...

Sorry folks!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Opening Line Chart Rundown!

So far we have had one round of 25 lines (see here and here), plus an on-going range of daily opening lines.

There's still a few left overs from the daily offerings. I'll try and do another round up at the end of the month!

In the meantime here's a run down of all who have got the lines. It may or may not be revealing of tastes, but given that even I don't always manage to check the blogs regularly (despite Bloglines) people are forgiven for not getting in to answer even those they could have gotten!.

Well done to all concerned, no big heads folks. I may deliberately start choosing stuff to fox ya!

And remember

...NO GOOGLING!!!!!!

Alan got:
"I can't sleep tonight, Everybody saying everything's alright" - Why Does It Always Rain on Me?: Travis (9 July 2006)

Baby Washington got:
"The soldier asked my name, did I come here very often" - Sleep of the Just: The Costello Show (25 lines meme)
"In the days, the golden days, where everybody knew what they wanted" - Half Day Closing: Portishead [sorry George!] (25 lines meme)

Billy at Oye Billy! got:
"I was lost, lost on the bypass road, could be worse, I could be turned to toad" - Hometown Unicorn: Super Furry Animals (25 lines meme)
"Don't fall in love with me yet, we've only recently met" - Absolutely Cuckoo: The Magnetic Fields (9 Sept 2006)
"There's nothing to do so you just stay in bed" - Monday Morning: Pulp (11 Sept 2006)

Chris Brooke at The Virtual Stoa [now at a new site] got:
"My life's an open book, you read it on the radio" - Wrecking Ball: Emmylou Harris (7 Sept 2006)

Chris at Stumbling & Mumbling got:
"I'm floating with the birds, I'm talking to the weeds, look what you've done to me" - Crush in the Ghetto: Jolie Holland (25 lines meme)
"Well I sold my farm to take my woman to where she longed to be" - The Streets of Baltimore: Gram Parsons (10 August 2006)
"I went down to the river to watch the fish swim by" - Long Gone Lonesome Blues: Hank Williams (23 August 2006)

Chrissie got:
"This town forgets to draw it's blinds, I see the last ditch carnal crimes" - Tarmac: Hazeldine (25 lines meme)
"When we were young nobody died and nobody got older" - When we were young: Whipping Boy [though obviously this game works best if you don't chose songs with the title in the first line...!] (22 July 2006)
"A million old soldiers will fade away" - A Dream Goes on Forever: Todd Rundgren (3 August 2006)
"Those fingers in my hair" - Witchcraft: Frank Sinatra (4 August 2006)
"She would never say where she came from" - Ruby Tuesday: The Rolling Stones (15 August 2006)
"Mother, mother, there's too many of you crying" - What's going on: Marvin Gaye (27 August 2006)

Col at Lucky Col got:
"No, I sent you that letter, to ask you if the end was worth the means, was there really no inbetween?" - Brassneck: The Wedding Present (25 lines meme)

Cloudy Neil got:
"I think about you all the time, I did this and I went there" - Codex: Pere Ubu (25 lines meme)
"One. She prefers the night to day." - Twelve Reasons Why: My Life Story (5 July 2006)
"I wanna know where the weather is cold" - Man in the Dark: David Thomas and Two Pale Boys [kinda] (13 July 2006)
"Take me out tonight" - There is a light that never goes out: The Smiths/Magic Numbers [Will and Neil] (18 July 2006)
"You called me last night on the telephone" - New York City: They Might Be Giants (28 July 2006)

EineKleineRob got:
"Look outside the window, there's a woman being grabbed" - Outside of a Small Circle of Friends: Phil Ochs (25 lines meme)

George who walks the Munros got:
"I'm not the chemistry of chemicals when we think we're apart" - Flutter: Amplifico (25 lines meme)
"Take me back to your room, tie me up and strip me naked" - Sex is Boring: Ballboy (25 lines meme)
"This afternoon, your back's not so straight, your eyes aren't too clear" - Shark: Throwing Muses (25 lines meme)
"Straight lines that cut through the scene like you wanted to" - Blue Jeans: Ladytron (11 July 2006)
"I'm the king's 32nd son" - Oedipus: Regina Specktor (20 July 2006)
"I heard she drove the silvery sports-car along the empty streets last night" - Hobart Paving: St Etienne (26 July 2006)
"We've laid the cables and the wires" - God is in the House: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (31 July 2006)
"If I walk down this hallway tonight, it's too quiet" - Your Ghost: Kristen Hersh (5 August 2006)
"All the stars may shine a-bright, all the clouds may be white" - All Mine: Portishead (28 August 2006)
"I used to know you when we were young, you were in all my dreams" - Hackensack: Fountains of Wayne (4 Sept 2006)

Gordon from Informationally Overloaded got:
"Looking in your eyes, I see a paradise" - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now: Starship (25 lines meme)
"Childhood living is easy to do, the things you wanted I bought them for you" - Wild Horses: The Rolling Stones (25 lines meme)
"Sugar daddy, come on and sugar me, I want your loving so come on and give it me" - CJ Bolland: Sugar is Sweeter [shared with Marie] (25 lines meme)

Joe (Chrissie's son) got:
"Past trees the fairies are flyin', past trees with rose bushes in" - Spoilt Victorian Child: The Fall (8 Sept 2006)

Joe in Vegas got:
"Hate New York City, it's cold and it's damp" - I Love L.A.:Randy Newman (10 Sept 2006)

Jo Salmon got:
"She said 'there's something in the woodshed...'" - Something for the Weekend: The Divine Comedy (23 July 2006)

Kerron got:
"Well it happened years ago, when you lived on Stanhope Road" - Babies: Pulp (8 July 2006)
"Here I stand, head in hand, turn my face to the wall" - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away: The Beatles (12 July 2006)

Marie at Struggling Author got:
"Always when we fight, I try to make you laugh" - You and Me Song: The Wannadies (25 lines meme)
"Sugar daddy, come on and sugar me, I want your loving so come on and give it me" - CJ Bolland: Sugar is Sweeter [shared with Gordon] (25 lines meme)
"I was never cool in school" - Underground: Ben Folds Five [sorry Anna!] (29 July 2006)

Matt_c from Saving the World got:
"Summer in winter, winter in springtime" - A Summer Wasting: Belle and Sebastian (14 August 2006)

Mike at Troubled Diva got:
"Blue gene baby" - Sweet Gene Vincent: Ian Dury and the Blockheads (12 August 2006)

Moo got:
"Every single night the same arrangement" - Going through the Motions: Buffy aka Sarah Michelle Gellar (25 July 2006)

Nat from Life Under Muddled Stars got:
"I hate the world today, you're so good to me I know but I can't change" - Bitch: Meredith Brooks (25 lines meme)

Poly_Gianniba (who occasionally blogs at 'For the Love of Film...' got:
"Better stop dreaming of the quiet life" - Town Called Malice: The Jam (17 August 2006)

Rayleen Kelly got:
"See the stone set in your eyes" - With or Without You: U2 (19 August 2006)

Reidski at The Big Blowdown got:
"They cried the tears, they shed the fears up and down the land" - Hitsville UK: The Clash (15 July 2006) [in honour]
"All art is quite useless according to Oscar Wilde" - Endless Art: AHouse (19 July 2006)
"I have never cried in anybody's arms, the way that I have often cried in yours" - The Death of all the Romance: The Dears (18 August 2006)
"You’re such a beautiful writer, that’s not all you are, I'm sorry about making a pass" - Suspended From Class: Camera Obscura (24 August 2006)
"Can you hear them, talking 'bout us" - Our Lips Are Sealed: Fun Boy Three (1 Sept 2006)
"I'm in the phone booth, it's the one across the hall" - Hanging on the Telephone: Blondie (2 Sept 2006)
"Jodie wears a hat although it hasn't rained for six days" - Rattlesnakes: Lloyd Cole & the Commotions (3 Sept 2006)
"Ice age, heatwave, can't complain" - The World At Large: Modest Mouse (13 Sept 2006)

Scott Matthewman at Scott's Place got:
"The word is about, there's something evolving" - History Repeating: Propellerheads / Dame Shirley Bassey (6 July 2006)

Stu_n at Live Journal got:
"Summer's gone, days spent with the grass and sun" - Wake Up Boo!: The Boo Radleys (25 lines meme)
"It’s that time again when I lose my friends, go walkabout, I’ve got the bends from pressure" - Come Home: James (10 July 2006)
"My story is much too sad to be told" - I Get a Kick Out of You: Ella Fitzgerald (14 July 2006)
"Clean shirt, new shoes" - Sharp Dressed Man: ZZ Top (2 August 2006)
"Once upon a time when we were friends" - All of my heart: ABC (21 August 2006)
"If she lived in space, man, I'd build a plane" - Sparky's Dream: Teenage Fanclub (31 August 2006)

Will Howells at No Geek Is An Island got:
"Take me out tonight" - There is a light that never goes out: The Smiths/Magic Numbers [Will and Neil] (18 July 2006)
"She sold herself on the one love" - Lost Myself: Longpigs (9 August 2006)
"Once upon a time, not too long ago..." - Whipping Piccadilly: Gomez (13 August 2006)
"At 8 o'clock I said goodbye, that's when I left her house for mine" - Monday Morning 5:19: Rialto (26 August 2006)

Opening Line: 16 September 2006

Coincidentally I had chosen this yesterday morning as today's track/artiste...

"Nobody knows the trouble you feel, nobody cares, the feelin' is real"

Artiste? Title of the song?

Friday, September 15, 2006


Some of you may spot I have run into tomorrow with the chart rundown listing of Opening Lines.

Sorry about that!

off for a late lunch!

Another blogfriend on the Norm Profile List!

Yeah for Clare!

Now That's What I Call Dead Baggy: Calling for your responses, memories, and suggestions on music selections from 1989 to 1991-ish

Way back when I used to work in accountancy - my penance etc etc - we had a personnel officer called Fiona. She and I somehow managed to become friends: correction, her husband had a pretty large record collection and somehow WE became friends. Thanks to them I did get to see The Stone Roses at Spike Island. Not their best gig, but certainly an entertaining day out and a great 'event'.

ANYWAY, Steve used to do me these tape collections of current music (bare in mind this was 1989-1991-ish) that came under the 'brand' of "Now that's what I call dead baggy" [remember when the 'Now' series used to be called 'Now that's what I call dead good'?] even though the music strayed several broad genres. So amongst the bands included are not only your classic baggy dudes (The Roses, Happy Mondays etc) but also some shoegazers, KLF, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, and plenty of quirky cover versions...

Here are the listings for the collected 'baggy' tapes:

Volume 1: Side One

Happy Mondays: Wrote for Luck
Brideswell Taxis: Honesty
Charlatans: The Only One I Know
The Badgeman: Extraordinary Girl
Honey Smugglers: Listen
Candy Flip: This Can Be Real
Soup Dragons's: I'm Free
Paris Angels: All on You (Perfume)
The High: Box Set Go
Primal Scream: Loaded

Volume 1: Side Two
Flowered Up: It's On
Five-Thirty: Abstain!
Pale Saints: Sight of You
Cud: Hey! Wire
King of the Slums: It's Dead Smart
The Times: Septieme Ciel
Inspiral Carpets: Move In
Mock Turtles: Lay Me Down
Ride: Taste
The Stone Roses: One Love

Volume 2: Side One
The Stone Roses: What the World was Waiting For
Soup Dragons: Mother Universe
World of Twist: The Storm
The High - Dreams of Dinesh
Flowered Up: Phobia
Sha-men: Pro-Gen
808 State: Cubic Olympic
Happy Mondays: Hallelujah (MacColl Mix)
Chapterhouse: Something More
Charlatans: Then (Alternate Take)
Cud: Bohemian Rhapsody *** [I would consider killing to get this track on my PC/CD!]
Saint Etienne: Kiss and Make Up

Volume 2: Side Two
Five-Thirty: Air-Conditioned Nightmare
The Farm: All Together Now
The Mock Turtles: How Does it Feel?
Inspiral Carpets: This is How it Feels
Brideswell Taxis: Spirit
Pale Saints: Half-Life Remembered
Ocean Colour Scene: Sway
Pop Will Eat Itself: Can You Dig it?
Paris Angels: Scope
Ride: Drive Blind
E.M.F.: Unbelievable
Primal Scream: Come Together

Volume 3: Side One
The Times: Manchester
808 State: In Yer Face
Chapterhouse: Falling Down
Jellyfish: The King is Half-Undressed
The Charlatans: Over Rising
Teenage Fanclub: God Knows Its True
Five-Thirty: My Sweet Lord
James: Come Home (Extended Flood Mix)
Soho: Hippy Chick
Bradford: Green and Pleasant Land
Pop Will Eat Itself: X, Y and Zee
Inspiral Carpets: Commercial Reign (Snatch Mix)

Volume 3: Side Two
Happy Mondays: Kinky Afro
Jesus Jones: Real Real Real
The High: Take Your Time
Cud: Magic
New Fast Automatic Daffodils: Get Better
Ultra Vivid Scene: Special One
The Farm: Stepping Stone (Ghost Dance Mix)
Sp!n: Let's Pretend (Jimi's Dead)
Soup Dragons: Softly
Ride: Like a Daydream
The Stone Roses: I am the Resurrection

Volume 4: Side One
T99: Anasthasia (Out of History Mix)
The Farm: Don't Let Me Down
Chapterhouse: Pearl
Paris Angels: I Understand
Jesus Jones: Right Here, Right Now
Gary Clail & the On-U Sound System: Human Nature (On the Mix Edit)
Fishmonkeyman: Breathing
The High: More
New Fast Automatic Daffodils: Fishes Eyes
Happy Mondays: Loose Fit
The Charlatans: Indian Rope

Volume 4: Side Two
World of Twist: She's a Rainbow
Ride: Unfamiliar
Ned's Atomic Dustbin: Happy
Rain: Lemonstone Desired
Pale Saints: Hunted
Cubic 22: Night in Motion (Radio Edit)
The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
Cud: Robinson Crusoe
Mock Turtles: Can You Dig it?
Top: Number One Dominator
Inspiral Carpets: Caravan (No Windscreen Mix)
E.M.F.: E.M.F.

Now that's what I call Dead Baggy Live: Side One
Stone Roses: I Wanna Be Adored
Boo Radleys: Alone Again Or [Radio One Session]
Jesus Jones: Never Enough
Chapterhouse: Pearl
Top: Feel Good [Radio One Session]
Flowered Up: Take It
Catherine Wheel: Salt
Paris Angels: Scope [Radio One Session]
The Farm: All Together Now
Happy Mondays: WFL

Now that's what I call Dead Baggy Live: Side Two
Ride: Dreams Burn Down
The High: Up & Down
Spirea X: Chlorine Dream [Radio One Session]
Ned's Atomic Dustbin: Aim at the Civic
Mock Turtles: You Move Me
Ocean Colour Scene: Yesterday Today
E.M.F. Unbelievable
The Dylans: Ocean Wide [Radio One Session]
Five-Thirty: Abstain!
The Charlatans: Indian Rope
Teenage Fanclub: Starsign
Inspiral Carpets: Biggest Mountain

Volume 6: Side One
Northside: Take 5
Flowered Up: Egg Rush
Sha-Men Vs Bam-Bam: Transcendental
The Mock Turtles: And Then She Smiles
Pale Saints: Kinky Love
Birdland: Everybody Needs Somebody
Jesus Jones: International Bright Young Thing
Charlatans: Polar Bear
Utah Saints: What Can You Do For Me?
Fishmonkeyman: I've Told You Once
808 State: Lift
Happy Mondays: Step On
Ride: Chelsea Girl

Volume 6: Side Two
The Farm: Groovy Train
Julian Cope: Beautiful Love
KLF: What Time Is Love?
Brideswell Taxis: Don't Fear The Reaper
Chapterhouse: Rain
Rain: Taste of Rain
Inspiral Carpets: Butterfly
A Guy Called Gerald: Voodoo Ray
Cud: Hey Boots
The Stone Roses: Elephant Stone
The High: Up & Down
35 Summers: I Didn't Try
E.M.F.: Lies

Volume 7: Side One
James: Sit Down
Prodigy: Charlie (Alley Cat Mix)
Chapterhouse: Mesmerise
The Stone Roses: Where Angels Play
Inspiral Carpets: Sleep Well Tonight
Top: Feel Good
E.M.F.: I Believe
Happy Mondays: Judge Fudge
Primal Scream: Higher Than The Sun
The Dylans: She Drops Bombs
KLF: 3AM Eternal
Cud: Urban Spaceman

Volume 7: Side Two
Teenage Fanclub: Like A Virgin
Ride: Dreams Burn Down
Spirea X: Speed Reaction
Northside: Shall We Take a Trip
The Charlatans: Me In Time
808 State: Open Your Mind (Soundgarden Mix)
Jesus Jones: Who? Where? Why?
Bizarre Inc.: Such a Feeling (Radio Edit)
Blue: There's No Other Way
Sha-Men: Hyperreal (Orb Edit)
Flowered Up: Take It
The Mock Turtles: Why Must I Share This Air With Foolish Men

Now a few of these songs I do have on CD, but what a lot have been lost to oblivion! I know some would say that that is to the benefit of popular music, but there were some excellent tracks here and my tapes are getting a little tired. I also DON'T have the set-up to connect the stereo to a tape player to even transfer these at a slow rate to the 'puter...

Anyone got any comments, memories or suggestions?

Opening Line: 15 September 2006

"Don't you know, after picking the glass off the ground"

After hearing this song a lot earlier this year, I was well chuffed to find it on a CD sampler album I picked up in Aberdeen...

Silly, but very sing-a-long!

Name of artiste and song please!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Post 1445: I just realised that yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of this blog!

Woah... time flies...

Opening Line: 14 September 2006

"As Dorothy Parker once said to her boyfriend, 'fare thee well'"

Name of the artiste I would be thinking of singing this, and the song please...

I love any invocation of the divine Dorothy P.

Thomas Truax

What a GREAT night!

We had a lovely meal at a local restaurant we hadn't been to before (French), and we got to see the wonderful Thomas Truax!

Support came from guitar singer Carl (hmmm... I'm thinking he's been listening a tad too much to Pete Doherty). He was a strange mix of talent: the guitar playing was generally interesting and fine, the lyrics full of observant and dreamlike narration, but there was also a large amount of incredibly misplaced arrogance [UPDATE: whilst also being very self critical and apologetic about his errors/difficulties... it was a bit tiresome...]. Anyway, I'm sure he'll go far...

Second support, Felix, was far more enjoyable. Again, a strong dollop of inspiration to the fore (in this case Suzanne Vega and Regina Spektor) but if a cute girl can play her keyboard and sing that well, I'm very happy to listen to her.

But Thomas Truax! Coming with high recommendations from lovely Clare, and a recent display of enthusiasm from George, we knew it would be good (I'd already tasted the myspace.) Mad instruments! Audience participation! And so it proved. Even though sections of the audience were in confused laughter and bewilderment at times, it was all taken to heart. And needless to say we scampered up to get our CDs with glee. (And name-check Clare!)

A grand night!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The History of Love: Nicole Krauss

Neil got me this for the long train journeys to and from Aberdeen this weekend. I ended up reading it on the way back and just devoured it.

I'm not ashamed to say I cried just a fair load (making myself a bit sickly from trying not to) as the woven narratives of those in the book. Neil picked it up for me as it was about New York, translation, Jewishness, writing - all stuff I love.

So, here it is: belated I'm sure but highly recommended.

Nicole Krauss "The History of Love"...

Even if it IS recommended by bloody Richard and Judy...


1. Opening Lines
As promised I WILL be doing a list of the songs done so far on the opening line posts, for the competitive amongst you (yes, that's YOU George!) there will be a table of successful guesses.

HOWEVER, since I'm not wanting to turn this into a major Google-tempting comp, I'll be promoting it terms of what people got. So you can take pride in your knowledge of female electronica, but if that ain't your bag you can feel equally chuffed with only getting one track right but it was a great R&B classic favourite.

2. eMusic
Okay, if you haven't already had an invite for this, just ask (thanks be to Skuds for mine!). Even if you don't necessarily take it up beyond the free period I still think its worthwhile (and a darn sight less worrying than the Russian mafia!). UPDATE: if you go in through a friend invite we all get extra freebies on the deal!

3. New music
Talking of music, I guess I better come clean about my music addiction generally as I had a major acquisition session at Aberdeen. Not just at lovely One-Up but also through the lovely G's recommendations. Hee.

4. Live music reviews
We're off to see Thomas Truax tonight. You'll get an update. It's the first of several gigs this autumn (both classical and pop) that we have booked for. I just hope the travelling-with-your-instruments difficulties get resolved soon as I would HATE to miss out on something because of that farcical policy.

Opening Line: 13 September 2006

Sorry for absence; I was in the office yesterday for a staff meeting. Urgh. The office. Oh well, I guess I have had a good time away from it all. But SOOOO much to do.

Here's another line for you all.

"Ice age, heatwave, can't complain"

Just fascinating to listen to and quirkily interesting...

Name of artiste and song?

UPDATE: Yeah Reidski!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Pictures from Aberdeen

Photo: Rullsenberg & Cloud on Aberdeen beach Sept 2006
Rullsenberg & Cloud on Aberdeen beach Sept 2006

Photo by George: Rullsenberg & Cloud at Rustico, Aberdeen
Rullsenberg & Cloud at Rustico, Aberdeen

Photo by Sonia: Rullsenberg, Cloud and George at Slains Castle
Rullsenberg, Cloud and George at Slains Castle

Photo by Rullsenberg: George and Sonia at Slains Castle
George and Sonia at Slains Castle

Photo by Rullsenberg: Slains Castle
Slains Castle

Hope you like these!

Five years ago

I was in a tutorial for my PhD. I had my phone switched off for, you know, obvious politeness. When I came out and switched it back on, multiple messages and texts were beeping to signal their arrival. As fast as I tried to call someone back, another message, text or incoming call beeped me.

"Planes have crashed into the twin towers in New York".

Others will offer their thoughts, their take on the contexts and the 'consequences' of that day's events. But no one deserves to die in such circumstances and nothing can excuse the actions of those who bring death and destruction to others in such a manner.

We're back...

... in case you didn't realise that we are now truly in real time, and in real place too, unlike the update that was posted here.

We finished the weekend off by going to Slain's Castle on the coast (magnificent!) and then drove to Dufftown to get some whiskey. We had a great picnic on a rather precipitous outcrop at Slains Castle and some amazing caramel cake with cream at a lovely cafe in Dufftown. We then got back to Aberdeen and drove to the Braemar road where we ducked into the approved chip shop of choice for excellent fish and chips which we then shiveringly ate by the side of the Dee River. Lovely!

We then went back to G's for a screening of a documentary about Einsturzende Neubauten (Blixa's cheekbones!) and then the bonkers narrative of The Machinist. Only me and G stuck the film right through - Neil had a snooze despite espresso coffee - but it was rather good (if a little confusing and disturbing).

Sunday we got up late and had a mini breakfast before G cooked up a great spinach and potato curry. By then it was time to get to the station and our 9 hour journey home.

Of course what we really wanted then was for the mains-powered smoke alarm to have a wibble and decide to go off for 30 secs at 3.50am, but you know, you can't have everything after such a great weekend!

Opening Line: 11 September 2006

"There's nothing to do so you just stay in bed"

Artiste?! Song title!?

UPDATE: yes, we are speaking in the future (not a song line link but can I refer people to the wonderful album by Saloon "If we meet in the future"? It's really lovely.

And congrats to Billy!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Opening Line: 10 September 2006

"Hate New York City, it's cold and it's damp"

Artiste? Song please?

UPDATE: Joe in Vegas gets this and I can only apologise for my delay in giving credit!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Opening Line: 9 September 2006

"Don't fall in love with me yet, we've only recently met"

Artiste? Song?

UPDATE: Well done Billy again!

NEW POST: in real time (from Aberdeen)

Just a mini update to say we're having a LOVELY time up in Aberdeen. We had some very scrummy food on Thursday night watching "Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul" (starring einsturzende man Alexander Hacke), the Buffy episode "Who Are You?" (Faith/Buffy switch), and the Spaced series two episode "Change" (featuring the classic exchanges about the Phantom Menance - "You didn't like it?" [pause, with hesitant response] "no....").

Yesterday we had a day wandering Aberdeen including the beach (the BEACH!!!!!), the Provost Skeene's House for lunch, a major investment on CDs at the wonderful One-Up [no formal link but well reputed] which garnered me a much envied canvas bag as well as a number of freebie CDs, and a hot sunny day walk back to George's. We then took a taxi back to town to Ma Cameron's for some drinks and then it was off to Rustico [scroll for the thumbs-up review] for lots of lovely italian food with G and the absolutely gorgeous-feel-like-I-already-know-you Sonia. After mucho laughter and scoffing of food it was off to the wonderful Belmont Picturehouse for the annual - well, it is two years in a row - observation of a Richard Linklater film. This year: A Scanner Darkly. Bonkers, but brilliant, and a visual treat.

After that we fell home via a taxi and stumbled to bed. Today, we're off to the coast! It's ALL GOOD!

Anyway, Lisa and Neil over and out!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Opening Line: 8 September 2006

"Past trees the fairies are flyin', past trees with rose bushes in"

Artiste? Song?

UPDATE: Hey, brilliant! Welcome Joe!!!! And happy birthday (for tomorrow)!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Opening Line: 7 September 2006

"My life's an open book, you read it on the radio"

Which artiste? What song?

UPDATE: Well done Chris Brooke for being quick with this. Welcome Virtual Stoa!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Away the posts!

We're off to Aberdeen (annual jaunt!) to see George.

I'll post up some preview opening lines and promise the chart and to the successes so far on my return.

See ya!

The Opening Line chart

Hmmm - do I want to encourage competitiveness?

Yeah, why not!

It'll be coming soon...

Opening Line: 6 September 2006

"In a forest pitch-dark, glowed the tiniest spark"

Still a thrilling album. Name the artiste and the song?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I think I've fallen in love with EineKleineRob all over again for telling me that Duckman is available on DVD...

Now, how simple is it to order from these guys?

Look what we found...

... under one of the hideous brick fireplaces...

Now hopefully, under the hearth there will be more of these tiles hidden. I just hope we can get to them...

BTW that other fireplace I couldn't get uploaded? This is it. It's a bit dusty here and the string was put from when the grate was first closed off (it's now weighted down so is okay and the string has gone).

Pulp news!

Courtesy of the WONDERFUL Acrylic Afternoons website (though no doubt elsewhere too), I see that just before my birthday there will be a release of Pulp Peel sessions!

News 28.08.06 Pulp's Peel Sessions To Be Released
All of Pulp's session tracks recorded for Radio 1's John Peel Show are to be released on double CD on 9 October. Tracklisting details for The Complete Peel Sessions have yet to be confirmed but should include all 14 tracks from across the four sessions:

Turkey Mambo Momma, Refuse To Be Blind, Wishful Thinking, Please Don't Worry (recorded 7 November 1981)
Pink Glove, You're A Nightmare, Acrylic Afternoons (recorded 7 February 1993)
Underwear, Common People, Pencil Skirt (recorded 9 September 1994)
Sunrise, Weeds, I Love Life, Duck Diving (recorded 12 August 2001)
All tracks are previously unreleased with the exceptions of You're A Nightmare and Pink Glove. Since the 14 tracks barely take up a single CD, it's possible the second CD will contain some live concert performances which were originally aired on the John Peel Show. More details to follow.
Now THAT'S what I call a birthday present...

For the weavers

Thanks be to Shakespeare's Sister and ESPECIALLY to Mr Shakes for this.

It's a winner

Now what's the emoticon for clapping?

Opening Line: 5 September 2006

"Your complexion, my reaction"

Still perhaps my favourite track by this artiste, despite a cracking reputation.

Name of the artiste and song please?

Monday, September 04, 2006

ASBO for crap taste in music

Okay, so she was also playing it too loud at all hours of the day and night, but I like to think that those who gave out the ASBO also wanted to make an example of her for playing crap music.

Insiders view on Las Vegas

Be sure to follow this expert if you plan to visit LV any time soon!

Struggling Author to be taught in schools?

If Maximum Bob has anything to do with it!

Now I really like that idea!

IMDB's Movies of the day 1999

Wow, this is a REALLY weird list.

Not sure why it caught my attention, but this has to qualify as one of the most bonkers collection of movies assembled. Yes, there are some undeniable 'classics' in there and some fabulously well chosen populist gems, but some of them are just too hysterically obscure and unwarranted of attention even for ONE DAY that it you wonder what got them on the list.

  • Uncommon Valour
  • Once Bitten
  • Nikita
  • The Shining
  • Omen III: The Final Conflict
  • The Iron Giant
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • The Commitments
  • Heavy Metal
  • Life is Beautiful (sorry, but I can't think of this without recalling this line: C.J.: Which would be fine if Roberto Benigni can vote in our elections, but since he's Italian, that makes me a six foot wet girl in a Donna Karan dress)
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1956]
  • The Matrix
  • Chungking Express [Chung hing sam lam]
  • The Twelve Chairs
  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Blue Velvet
  • RKO 281 [HBO movie]
  • Night on Earth
  • A Face in the Crowd
  • Big Night
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • The Wedding Banquet
  • The Santa Clause
  • Strictly Ballroom
  • Crazy People
  • Christmas Vacation
  • Paper Moon
  • Central Station
  • Hoop Dreams
  • Victor / Victoria
  • Moonraker
  • The Jungle Book
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
  • Passion Fish
  • Singin' in the Rain
  • Buena Vista Social Club
  • Microcosmos
  • Let It Ride
  • Farewell, My Concubine
  • American Me
  • Bug
  • Metropolis
  • What Dreams May Come
  • 1999

I'd be amused to see which juxtapositions in this list draw your attention. Personally, it's hard to beat seeing the fabulous Metropolis next to the syrup-fest that was What Dreams May Come (even if the latter did use the wonderful images of John Martin: still, those pictures really only work in the flesh - large, overpowering and obsessively detailed).

And this weekend we...

... did some planting (heathers) and part demolished a fireplace.

Nothing major.

It's gonna be a light month.

The builder will hopefully finish the bathroom.
The bathroom man will hopefully be back to get the fittings begun to be installed.
A plasterer will come to plaster two chimney breasts ready for...
Two new fireplaces to hopefully be installed.

Like I say, a light month.

Opening Line: 4 September 2006

"I used to know you when we were young, you were in all my dreams"

A song that should not be obscure, and I think I know someone who may get this.

Plus, best reference to the world of movies ever.

UPDATE: thanks George! Now everyone sing along "I saw you talkin' to Christopher Walken on my TV screen..."

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Opening Line: 3 September 2006

"Jodie wears a hat although it hasn't rained for six days"

I remember sitting listening to this on my radio late at night long before the record became a hit. Much loved, even if Neil did mock me for hanging around in a TV shop once watching a video of this artiste...

Name of the artiste and the song please!

UPDATE: Reidski says he is retiring from this (presumably as champion!) but I bet he'll be back!

I maybe need to get some more obscure ones again!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Opening Line: 2 September 2006

"I'm in the phone booth, it's the one across the hall"

UPDATE: Go Reidski!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Opening Line: 1 September 2006

Urgh, scary. It's already September. Work calls me back soon and today I had my new door/library access card through the post. Great.

I feel like a kid having to go back to school.


"Can you hear them, talking 'bout us"

Name of the artiste? And the song please?

UPDATE: Well done Reidski!

UPDATE 2: Go Clare for being SOOOO thrilled she got this!!


Thanks to J.J. for her lovely darts playing story, I was reminded of my own darts playing experience.

Urgh. Unlike hers, mine was not a pretty sight.

I first played darts with my friend Del at her dad's recreation club. We could clear the games room within minutes of taking up the darts. I did not get better.

When there was an office 'championship' (back when I was working in accountancy administration) we placed the board at the end of a wide corridor-esque space bordered by floor to ceiling shelves apart from the turning that led into the main open plan office space. At least three of the darts I threw ended up bouncing off the wall and ended up in the main office space. When it came to my turns to throw, after my first go only my opponent and the 'ref' stood within sight of me (and they were next to/behind me though when one bounced back and landed only just in front at me they possibly regretted that decision; I don't think my attempts at more forceful throwing techniques helped either - I heard someone mutter "it's not a bloody javelin"). Everyone else backed off to stand within the main office space several feet from the possibility of my bouncing darts. I think I hit the board maybe three times, none of the hits what I intended though I did manage a flukey bullseye! Even someone stood with me, guiding my arm throwing the dart, could not help me!

Mind, this is the girl who nearly took out someone's shoulder with a mis-aimed shotput during P.E. at school (in my defence she was walking across the shotput area but it still should not have been posible for anyone with any sense of direction to end up hitting her). She fell like a stone. It was not to my glee that she was one of the school bullies in my year...

You can safely summise my athletic/games playing ability is somewhat flawed...