Monday, March 13, 2006

Comment problems and picture difficulties

Seems as if there may be some problems with comments today: you could try right-clicking to open a new window (Cloud says that may work). If you are a mac user that may just be a garbage remark, but apologies - I'm a sad old PC user.

On other business, via Harry's Place, Cloud tipped me off about a fascinating bit of photographic history: the "picture difficulties" of this post's title.

The post is really worth looking at closely as it interrogates a 1952 photograph of Times Square, NYC.

How history is edited indeed...


Rosby said...

Problems with comments indeed - no one seems to be commenting on my blog...again...come on, people! I reviewed Brokeback Mountain for you! Make an effort!

Anonymous said...

Rosby, I know how you feel.

Some blogs get 70 comments on a post describing what they had for breakfast

Rob said...

A very interesting piece (although the dislocation as it moves from Times Square to gourmet-related issues is a little harsh). I never really believed it was only the USSR that airbrushed people out of the photographic record, but this is fascinating.

And I've no idea what the plane could be advertising either. Anyone out there older than me and a New Yorker?