Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's all about pretentiousness

I have to say I didn't hold out great hopes, but in the wake of last week I was willing to take any sweet input from wherever I could. So, on that basis, I persuaded Cloud that we should at least give It's All About Love a bit of a look.

The clues were all there:
  1. Dogme director doing non-Dogme film [though my original typing of 'Dogma' was not all wrong in sentiment...]
  2. Film festival praise and brickbats and pretty much NO release in the cinemas
  3. Mix of American and UK/European cast - many of whom were working on their first international production (as opposed to a UK-based film)
  4. Great cinematography - should be part of a good film not the only good thing about it (I should have guessed from the glossy flash website it had)
  5. Pause-driven script and enigmatic characterisations - this was spotted in about 5 mins

We gave up. About 25 mins in. And it could have been after 10 mins.

I'm sorry. I wanted it to be better. After all, it had Douglas Henshall in it! But it wasn't enough. Like Prospero's Books before it, this was glossy, beautiful and utterly UTTERLY self-indulgently pointless and without any momentum. I will watch it, but I doubt I will re-watch it much. Personally, I even preferred the beard to the moustache...

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