Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Anarchy for Timperley

Frank Sidebottom's favourite dessert?


Martin said...

I'd heard rumours that there was a Timperley Rhubarb but that's the first time I've seen hard (if you leave it out for a while) evidence.

One for the Great Big Zoo Scrapbook!

John said...

I've actually eaten some of this stuff. In Timperley, as well, just for added authenticity.

It's fantastic.

Dan Flynn said...

Clearly meant to impress those who've never been to Timperley. As I recall it's a large roundabout next to Sale. Hmm, perhaps I might suggest Sale Salsa Yoghurt to Sainsburys. Should get bonus points for the alliteration at the very least.

John said...

"As I recall it's a large roundabout next to Sale."

You are a blacklguard and a scoundrel, sir.

You forget the post office.

Anonymous said...

Have I ever told you my story about the Frank Sidebottom gig I once attended?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, it also contains the best Primary School in the world.

Or, rather the one with the best former pupil!