Monday, April 11, 2005

Andrea Dworkin RIP?

Very curious. Have had news forwarded through that campaigner Andrea Dworkin passed away this weekend but I can find no formal confirmation of this. Wikipedia reports her death as 9 April 2005.

Whilst I do not agree with everything that Dworkin did or wrote, her views are important. For those who have never read her work and consequently rely on frequently misogynistic commentary, check out "The Lie Detector" on the Andrea Dworkin website. It debunks many of the worst accusations against her and the site has some good links to her speeches and campaigns.

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John said...

Hi Lisa--

seems it's true. Checked via Technorati.

see here for example:

read a couple of her books years back and found one very interesting and astute and the other at times bizarre, but there's no doubt that at times she saw things in a perceptive and original way.