Wednesday, May 04, 2005

George Vol 2: the further adventures of non-MP3 selections

I have to say that to my mind the self-made compilation is a gorgeous thing. Put together with care and attentiveness to the recipient (even if it's yourself in terms of an MP3 organised set of tracks), it can offer new insight to rarely heard tracks and fresh pleasures in material you may have thought over-familiar. Sitting side-by-side, tracks take on new shapes and offer us the chance to think about the past - associations, memories - and the present.

I knew I had found a fellow soul of taste when Cloud first played me his beloved Derrida's Deconstruction tape: 45 mins of quality and eclecticism that summed up why he was worth the emotional investment. I should get him to tell you about it - and how, despite the technology - it segues together so well!

Anyway, here is volume two of the George Collection:

David Grubbs: Transom
Bjork mit Funkstroming: All is Full of Love
Eels: Spunky
Magnetic Fields: I Don’t Believe You
Aimee Mann: Save Me
Nanci Griffiths: It's a Hard Life (Wherever You Go)
This Mortal Coil: Your Sister
Magnetic Fields: It’s Only Time
St Etienne: Hobart Paving
Sleater Kinney: Was it a lie?
Pulp: My Legendary Girlfriend
Johnny Cash: Hurt
Magnetic Fields: Is This What They Used to Call Love?
Lampchop: TheOne
The 6ths (Momus): As You Turn to Go
Talvin Singh: Traveller

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