Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ultimate films - yes I AM that stubborn!

I cannot believe this - though my memory is hazy on some I know have seen all these films! and many are real treats. Okay, this was described/warned as being the cheesy fest or sentimentality but who cares!

79 My Fair Lady 1965 - blubbed like a good 'un even though Rex Harrison plays a misogynistic so-and-so. Cos when Audrey walks in at the end of "Accustomed to her face" you can't help but let it all go.
78 Reach For The Sky 1956 - another of the saturday afternoon/sunday tea-time films that parents and nana made me watch (shucks, still enjoyed it!)
77 Love Actually 2003 - I do not care how unfashionable it is to admit it, hormonal or not I sobbed all the way through my first viewing of this and even though it was the night I was truly busted for being cranky Rullsenberg when hungry I still think its good at its job. Effective Xmas rom-com. You will like at least one of the story-lines and that HAS to be value for money.
76 Ghost 1990 - Hilariously, given how unsentimental Cloud and Rullsenberg are, this was our first trip to the movies together (one of our next ones was "Wild At Heart" on Boxing Day at Telford's multiplex - which gives you some idea of our eclectic taste!). Still a good weepy.
75 Four Weddings And A Funeral 1994 - Okay, so I have only seen the last half of this but anything that can get Auden's great poetry to the masses has to be good. Sniff...
74 Oliver! 1968 - the death of Nancy. Need I say more?
73 Rebecca 1940 - Mrs Danvers and her "love" for the first Mrs de Winter, the eponymous Rebecca, still gives me the heebees...
72 Bambi 1942 - Bambi's mother dies. Again, need I say more? A child's first brush with mortality. Can never pass a wooded area without saying "bambis live there".
71 The Big Country 1958 - Epic in every sense.
70 The Great Dictator 1941 - Actually rather dull, but then Cloud is more of a Laurel and Hardy fan... (me, I'm Buster Keaton. Cue link to Buffy... )

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Casyn said...

Hey! You have a great blog! Am very happy to find someone else who loves Buffy, likes to write down your thoughts about films and reads books too!