Friday, December 03, 2004

Counting down the Ultimate Films: seen and unseen

Call me a pedant (or pendant as I just mistyped) but I like to try and complete tasks set even when they are patently beyond my capabilities... so...

87 Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi 1983 - yep, certainly did see this one, though whether this was at the time of release...? Mr Cloud takes much pleasure in having not seen any of the Star Wars trilogy when they were originally released, but instead only saw them during a marathon home-viewing group-drinking session in the 1980s (we do not talk about those later made travesties... I'm with Tim Beasley on this one
You weren't there at the beginning, you don't know what it was like!

85 Lawrence Of Arabia 1962 - just 'cos I have seen it, doesn't make it good. It's visually stunning, but rather like spending too much time in the sun. You could be doing better things.
83 Pinocchio 1940 - still freaking out about turning into a donkey...
81 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 1978 - I like mashed potatoes... but The X-files were better.

Not sure
88 Mr Deeds Goes To Town 1936 - in the distant past I watched many, many black and white movies. The likelihood is that this was one of them
86 The Dambusters 1955 - Darn, I guess we have all subconsciously seen this, but not being a war-loving boy it's repressed from my active memory
84 A Bug's Life 1999 - seen it in parts, would like to see more
82 The Citadel 1939 - another of those "reckon I must have" or "only got a partial memory" films

89 The Swiss Family Robinson 1960 - Nah, nadda memory of even knowing about this one
80 Die Another Day 2002 - I gave up on Bond movies as a good investment of my time ages ago. If they get onto TV, generally I see them. Last one I really enjoyed was the Jonathan Pryce one (quelle surprise) Tomorrow Never Dies

More on my movie history next week folks!

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