Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just how much did Channel Five pay for Prison Break?

Clearly most of their budget: what else would explain SIX - yes, count 'em, SIX - trailer ads within two hours of programming.

Even using the majesterial version by Johnny Cash of Nick Cave's "The Mercy Seat" couldn't make me want to spend time watching Prison Break, so bombarding me with adverts was really only going to wind me up.


Rosby said...

Hmph. Re: Totally Doctor Who

Not in the LEAST bit fair. What about us teenage Whovians? I think David Tennant would rather have a conversation with a mature 15 year old than a hyper immature 10 year old.

Or he'd rather get off with a 30 year old (Marie...or Lisa, maybe) than talk to a hyper 10 year old. I mean, what would you rather do?

(Actually, it's probably best not to answer that.)

Rosby said...

(Copied from my comment on Rob's blog.)

bot37363838 said...

Oooh, I like Prison Break. It's got Sarah Wayne Callies in it. She's lovely. It's a very tense programme, though.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

From the trailers she does look okay I'll grant you, but I get enough tension from the other dramas I watch or have watched (and can rewatch on DVD). I guess I just didn't click with starting to watch and now I'm just pissed at how often they try to persuade me. Surely anyone who's gonna watch has missed too much for it to make sense picking it up now? Although they have tried a bit of that technique early seasons of 24 tried of repeating in blocks previous episodes to pull in the new audiences hearing how good it was... its not convincing me though.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, you can pretty much join Prison Break at any point and all you really need to know is:

1) There's a bloke trying to break his brother out of the jail they're both in
2) His brother is innocent and has been framed
3) Bloke has a plan to get brother out since he's also the prison architect
4) He has to recruit some prisoners to help him but none of them are particularly trustworthy and others just find out anyway

That's all you need: I guarantee this, since I've seen all the episodes that have aired in the US so far.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yeah, I got all that, but I just don't really CARE enough to watch these characters...

Anonymous said...

You don't care enough about the characters to watch them or you don't care enough in general (about television, rubbish programmes off the Fox network, puppies, etc) to watch them?

I think it'll get better when it returns in May. At the moment, the escape plan's all sort of going according to schedule. But unless there's an easy way out due soon though, it'll go a bit pear-shaped come May because of the events in the cliffhanger.

Besides, how long can a show called Prison Break logically go on for? "Season six: still trying to break out - wish I'd worked out a better plan 27 years ago when I first came to prison..."

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Hee hee: nice to see you use the moniker "MediumRob", but you've hit the nail on the head about Prison Break. I mean, how long are they going to be breaking out for?!

And I guess its unfair for me to criticise characters for not connecting with me when I've not watched it, but I just didn't click with it from the initial trailers (and again, boy did they flag it...)

Humph: that reminds me of all the stuff that sinks without trace because channels don't do enough to promote them so I guess I'm a contrary bugger!

Anonymous said...

Can't tell you my theories without giving the game away too much, except to point out that what they do post-break à la Fugitive could be interesting. But I have written about the show's few merits extensively, if you actually do want reasons to watch.

On the other hand, Charlie Brooker has an equally valid viewpoint, which I more or less shared after the first episode.

bot37363838 said...

Over-trailing is intensely irritating, and there are an amazing number of shows I've skipped just because of their trailers. I didn't start watching thirtysomething until about series 3, because I boycotted it.
Equally irritating is the complete disrespect shown for some shows, kind of like the Michael Grade attitude to Doctor Who - scheduling them at stupid times when nobody will watch and then cancelling them because nobody watches.
Channel 4 did that with Angel - showing it (hacked to death) too early. Five have done it with Alias - now that's hokum, but brilliant with it - showed season 3, unadvertised, in the middle of the bloody night, and have never shown season 4 (or have they?). Channel 4 relegated Enterprise to Sunday afternoons, with presenters who are clearly disdainful of it, which is so insulting and disrespectful of the people who are watching that it beggars belief.
Anyway, Prison Break: I love a bit of preposterous hokum myself (like the idea of someone having the prison blueprints tattooed on his body), but obviously it's not compulsory. Still, I don't quite understand the mentality that insists on some kind of baseline reality for a drama to make it worthy. There's a long list of things that wouldn't exist if these people had their way.

All drama is preposterous. It's people pretending! It's made up! Nobody in EastEnders has a washing machine! Millionaire Dr Carter in ER was shot, was he, stabbed, addicted to drugs, slept with Abby and didn't immediately foreswear all other women, went to Africa, knocked up another doctor, they lost the baby... it's fiction!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I certainly don't expect realism, and will happily tolerate a certain degree of internal logic being missing as well.

Yes, programmes being messed about in scheduling DOES annoy me a lot - probably even more than trailers.

And I think I did read Charlie B's piece on Prison Break: from my recollection, before re-reading it anyway, it made me laugh, but then thats pretty much a given with CB!

Anonymous said...

Prison break is great, best programme since lost..... i know it wasnt that long ago, but its still an achievement

Anonymous said...

Prison Break is the BEST show of its type showing on UK television scrap tht...on ANY television atm! It drops its trousers and urinates over 24 and while lost is awesome, its betta thn tht 2...this new heros...ok from wot iv seen n gd frm wot iv heard but still...Prison Break is just better...n getting better all the time!!!