Sunday, March 12, 2006

A mini report back on the "wild women weekend"

It has come to something when, in order to have a face-to-face conversation with one of your best friends, you have to book into a hotel for a weekend away. Hilariously then, I have just spent the weekend at a hotel in Nottingham (yes, I do live in this self same city).

Thanks to some spectacularly ridiculous working schedules for both of us, and bouts of ill-health on my part, whilst it has been relatively easy for Helen Lisette and me to chat by phone, text and email, face-to face girly giggling has been scarcely possible lately. In blunt terms, since our birthdays last October we have met up just four/five times. Which would be reasonable if she didn't live just five minutes drive from me. Hence the weekend away.

Taking into account that we had minimal travelling costs, the idea of a hotel in our home city was inspired and actually relatively cheap. Over two days/nights there was much food (including essentials like chocolate and crisps), much chatting, and sufficient alcohol to encourage a lack of restraint in the conversation. Gossip central didn't get close to it. We met up with Cloud for lunch on Saturday, after a trip to buy an MP3 player (nothing too fancy or large scale) to tide us over the trip to New Zealand [It's charging right now: so, no, I haven't fully got to grips with it yet] and purchasing the Askenazy recordings of the Rachmaninov piano concertos on CD. It was just plain fun. Okay, so no clubbing, but we didn't care.

We did fit in two movies: Friday night was "The Proposition" (of which more in a separate post) and Saturday afternoon - to the scorn and mockery of Cloud - was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Yes, I can't think why either. Not sure whether it's tragic or hysterical to find a children's film capable of stirring laughter, tears and completely misplaced sexual excitement.* Lost, I tell you, I am irredeemably lost. Still it was a fun way to pass a Saturday afternoon. Especially as we came out just in time to get into Hotel Chocolat to buy some goodies for the evening. (Yes, I did buy Cloud some to bring home to him: least I could do really...).

So there you have it: probably not very wild by some standards, but great fun nonetheless.

*Picture located courtesy of a regularly visited site...

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