Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Today's Quote: Buffy stuff

After having spend several anxious minutes this morning with a nasty tom-cat from across the road terrorising my little Widge (female cat, 10 years old), I got to thinking about Miss Kitty Fantastico. And then from that about how my dad kept tropical fish when I was a child - my first pets were called Pinky and Perky and were pinky neon-tetras. Somehow from all that I got to The Cat in the Hat, and then inevitably to this...
WILLOW: It's so cute. He balances a bunch of stuff, including that fish in the bowl! A-and, but don't try it for real when you're six, because then you're not allowed to have fish for five years.

How would I cope without Vyra and her amazing Buffy Dialogue Database to track down all those half recalled quotes!?

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