Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Despite our love for Mr Claaarke, we taped Dalziel and Pascoe last night (and will do tonight when CSI is on). Instead we opted for the delights of Rebus, which this time did not earn the confusion of the grand dame of TV reviewing, Nancy Banks-Smith, as it had done last time:
Rebus is strongly cast wherever you slice it, but the finest slice is Ken Stott: quizzical, quiet and wearing a look of almost humorous despair.
I am so fond of Mr Stott: there's something so delightfully rumpled about him. He's so much better suited to this role than John Hannah was.


Gordon said...

I'm a stupidly huge fan of the books and wimpy features was a terrible choice. Stott is better from what I've seen but I've been put off completely anyway.

I can highly recommend Rebus's Scotland though, an insight to author, character and country.

hakmao said...

Yes, Rebus's Scotland is good. Picked it up cheap at Damprocks (with the intention of sending it to my parents) and ended up going back the next day to buy myself a copy.

Paulie said...

I don't want to get too deep on you, but I reckon that Rebus is a modern morality tale. I'd go further and say that he is he embodiment of the kind of God that Muriel Spark had in mind.

Flawed, confused, detached. Letting people face the consequences of their actions.

Maybe I mean Lucifer instead?