Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Reasons for lax blogging: number 123 (family)

I do have a good reason for not blogging much at the moment - and it's actually one of the best we've had for a while.  Previously, the problems have been issues of idleness / access to blogger / stringing more than a short thought together to feel the post is worthwhile.

Currently, I feel rather okay about the lack of presence.

The family are back in the UK.  Not just for a visit - they're just BACK.  And it's glorious and wonderful and lovely.  And - apart from Neil's mum (staying with one of her brothers in law and his wife) - they're all living with us.

It feels like a comedy routine (that's how I'm delivering it anyway): usually our house has Neil and me in it.  The last time we had more in the house was when we had George living with us which was a long while ago now!  And the cat sadly died over 2 years ago.

Now we have:

Neil's brother
Neil's brother's wife
Nephew (aged 14)
Niece (aged 16)
Epileptic dog - with a torn cruciate ligament
2 cats

Actually, it's fine: for all that I am playing up the comedy routine of the situation, we're getting along great.  They're acting as house elves (cleaning, cooking, shopping, generally helping around the house with odd jobs - mowing the lawn, weedkiller-ing the worst garden excesses, replacing dodgy light switches) and we're making them as comfortable as they can be in a house with just one bathroom and one toilet (and hurrah for the functional shower now being back in service!)

So it's all good.  It's weird when they disappear to visit friends and their prospective new home.  But it will be weirder when they move out properly.  It's nice to have them back with us in the UK; and it's particularly lovely to have them so close to us at the moment.