Monday, February 21, 2005

Douglas Henshall: a pleasant surprise

Well, it was unannounced and my usual sources also missed posting on it, but my was that a nice way to end the weekend!

Last night saw the start of the latest two-parter of Dalziel and Pascoe. Now as long-term fans of the show, and as Cloud thinks old Warren Clarke is quite a hero, we were of course neatly settled in to watch it after an interlude of X-files and Angel beforehand.

Credits roll: cue chaos! Pretty much first up after Clarke and Buchanan is the name Douglas Henshall. Gasps from the sofa; fly towards video-recorder; fall over and terrify the cat; struggle to get video on (you switch it on by pressing stop: go figure); phone starts ringing (take a wild - and correct - guess that it is my friend Helen telling me what I am already trying to respond to).

Thankfully I did get the tape going and at a suitable moment I dashed off to phone Helen to say "the video is taping". As always, DH looked as luscious as ever. He's wearing his black three-quarter jacket again: sure he has worn that elsewhere (he has a habit of taking off with/bringing his own wardrobe). It was quite distracting to watch all in all, especially with Cloud chortling at the side of me... particularly uncomfortable whenever his character was being mischievous (which was quite often).

Needless to say, we will be watching again tonight. Comically, all the talk had been of that fact that DH has filmed a role for one of the Midsomer Murders (still unaired) so I had been scouring the schedules for that... and this sneaked through instead!

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Lisa Rullsenberg said...

BTW - that Midsomer Murders thing was a mischievous fib. Henshall has long since denied any involvement with the pap that is MM. Thank F for that. Wouldn't have stopped me watching it, but I do try to have standards...