Monday, February 14, 2005

BAFTAs: or, why I never place bets

A mix of on-target, near-enough and way off-target!

Best actor in a leading role Jamie Foxx for Ray (CORRECT!)
Best actress in a leading role Imelda Staunton for Vera Drake (CORRECT!)
Best actor in a supporting role Clive Owen for Closer (CORRECT!)
Best actress in a supporting role Cate Blanchett for The Aviator (CORRECT!)
Best editing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (CORRECT!)
Best sound Ray (CORRECT!)
Outstanding British film of the year My Summer of Love (CORRECT!)
Special achievement by a British director, producer or writer in their first feature film Amma Asante, director/ writer of A Way of Life (CORRECT!)
Best original screenplay Charlie Kaufman for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (CORRECT! I got my wish!)
Best Animation Birthday Boy (CORRECT!)

Best film The Aviator (I had Vera Drake)
Best director Mike Leigh for Vera Drake (I had Scorcese: I'll take these two as a near-miss swap)
Best production design The Aviator (I had Finding Neverland - both period dramas? Does that count as close?)
Best make-up and hair The Aviator (close miss? I had Finding Neverland)
Best adapted screenplay Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor for Sideways (I might have selected this myself had I seen it before I made my predictions)

Best cinematography Collateral (I had House of Flying Daggers - spectacularly wrong in both style and substance)
Best costume design Vera Drake (missed that one off my list)
Best achievement in music The Motorcycle Diaries (Not even close: I had Finding Neverland, a totally different type of soundtrack)
Best achievement in visual effects Ray (missed this...)
Best achievement in special visual effects The Day After Tomorrow (again utterly wrong: I had House of Flying Daggers)
Best foreign film The Motorcycle Diaries (clunkingly wrong: I had House of Flying Daggers down for this)
Best short film The Banker (I had Knitting a love song as my choice)

In my defence, I got a fair few of the major awards down well - all the acting categories for example (though I think these were the easiest to predict). I completely over-estimated House of Flying Daggers and Finding Neverland: though I think the latter was probably hard-done by given all the fond comments I have heard about it. Scorcese for the Oscar...? they're a sentimental bunch at the Academy and at least this one isn't driven by bloodshed in the way Gangs of New York was... I'll place my choices online this week and we can compare notes again. Still - remember this folks, I don't place bets myself so will take no responsibility for what actually happens on the day!

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