Friday, June 23, 2006

What an incredible old gal she was

Brilliant obituary of IM Birtwistle (thanks Cloud).


Matt_c said...

I've never heard of her and have little time for poetry - but she sounded lovely. Also good to see someone of faith who represents it more mystical elements than its baser tendencies.

Anonymous said...

"Nick Cave writes: When I was first ushered into her cramped and booklined living room, Lilla, stared up at me and asked, in that powerful and deliberate voice, "Are you a papist?" These were her first words. I answered that I was not. "Then where do you get your spirituality from?" she challenged - and what continued from there was a conversation that lasted the next 10 years."

I've never heard of her, but anyone who could do that to Nick Cave has my eternal respect.