Thursday, June 15, 2006

New London Review of Books article about Doctor Who books

This caught Cloudy Neil's eye:
It isn't known why Eccleston decided to leave after only one series - bluffer, carpet-bagger, victim of the (aren't they always?) 'gruelling' production schedule? But the BBC was quick to announce the younger, extraordinarily attractive David Tennant as his successor, with a glow, almost, of parental pride. Fine-boned and wriggly, somehow, like a silky dog, Tennant has a helpless quality, which lends him great adorability. 'My girlfriend is besotted,' leicesterbloke writes on the digitalspy forum. 'When she saw Chris Eccleston turn into him at the end of the last series, she asked me if I could do that.' But it can also get an actor into trouble - as Tennant showed, wearily, in last year's ghastly Secret Smil (ITV), in which his lovely-doggie persona was given an obvious 180 degree wrench, to psychopathic stalker. Children's television has its limitations, but at least you can get a decent wage without having to play underwritten sex criminals in nasty plots involving Rohypnol.
For those after a print copy, it's in the new issue of the London Review of Books (dated 22 June 2006). Hopefully, for those who just want to read the full review by Jenny Turner on the Doctor Who series and Kim Newman's book about Doctor Who for the new BFI television collection, you can check out the page online here.

I think I liked best the line about "fine-boned and wriggly"....

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