Friday, June 16, 2006

Vicarous pleasures

Just been to check some of the first results to go up for the undergraduates. One student, whom I have been working with for just under two years, has got a 2:1! I am so thrilled for her.

And whilst I was there I ran into another student whom I had seen for some dissertation support and he also got a 2:1!

For some students, just getting them to finish their course is such a challenge; so seeing them go on and do well is just brilliant.

Ooh, I feel all parentally proud!

UPDATE: I've just had two more students get in touch to say they have got 2:1 degrees. One of them got a 75 (first class) for her dissertation and advice from an expert in her field to consider postgraduate/PhD research. Lots of tears and lots of chocolates. Brilliant.

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J.J said...

That is really great...job satisfaction times 100.