Sunday, June 25, 2006

My 25 lines long

Eventually I have gotten around to this using Party Shuffle on i-Tunes. There are just under 5000 tracks available, but it was a lot more complex than you'd think. I didn't want to inflict multiple selections by the same artist, or even from the same compilation CD - that may seem cheating, but sometimes Party Shuffle seems to get very hung up on certain artists and albums out of all proportion to the whole collection on the PC.

With the best will in the world, some lyrics were unintelligible to accurately transcribe and googling didn't help even me, so it seemed horribly unfair for you to have to work with my guesses. I also have a lot more speech pieces on my PC than I thought (and I haven't even uploaded David Tennant reading Quite Ugly One Morning yet). And of course there were also those tracks that helpfully have the title in the first line and instrumentals / non-vocal classical pieces. Eventually scrolling down the list, I did get 25. I hope you get some. I haven't edited it for taste (if I had, several would not have made the cut!)

  1. The soldier asked my name, did I come here very often - Sleep of the Just: The Costello Show (from King of America) [Baby Washington]
  2. Well you know it's bigger than me, and you know it's bigger than you
  3. I'm not the chemistry of chemicals when we think we're apart - Flutter: Amplifico [George]
  4. Take me back to your room, tie me up and strip me naked - Sex is Boring: Ballboy [George]
  5. Looking in your eyes, I see a paradise - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now: Starship [Gordon]
  6. I just held on and hoped you'd find the nowhere else you'd find my kind
  7. Something has to change and it always does
  8. Baby, let me make you a statue, to stand outside the Council House
  9. Summer's gone, days spent with the grass and sun - Wake Up Boo!: The Boo Radleys [Stu_N]
  10. I think about you all the time, I did this and I went there - Codex: Pere Ubu [Neil]
  11. I hate the world today, you're so good to me I know but I can't change - Bitch: Meredith Brooks [Nat]
  12. I don't need to need you, tell me what to do, tell me what to say
  13. I'm floating with the birds, I'm talking to the weeds, look what you've done to me - Crush in the Ghetto: Jolie Holland [Chris]
  14. Something that can make you do wrong, make you do right
  15. Look outside the window, there's a woman being grabbed - Outside of a Small Circle of Friends: Phil Ochs [EineKleineRob... eventually!]
  16. Heaven is a disaster, and you won't get there any faster
  17. Always when we fight, I try to make you laugh - You and Me Song: The Wannadies [Marie]
  18. This afternoon, your back's not so straight, your eyes aren't too clear - Shark: Throwing Muses [George]
  19. Childhood living is easy to do, the things you wanted I bought them for you - Wild Horses: The Rolling Stones [Gordon]
  20. This town forgets to draw its blinds, I see the last ditch carnal crimes - Tarmac: Hazeldine [Chrissie!!!!]
  21. No, I sent you that letter, to ask you if the end was worth the means, was there really no inbetween? - Brassneck: The Wedding Present [Col]
  22. In the days, the golden days, where everybody knew what they wanted
  23. Sugar daddy, come on and sugar me, I want your loving so come on and give it me - Sugar is Sweeter: CJ Bolland [Marie / Gordon]
  24. I was lost, lost on the bypass road, could be worse, I could be turned to toad - Hometown Unicorn: Super Furry Animals [Billy]
  25. I wouldn't shut your eyes just yet, I wouldn't turn the lights down yet

I will be honest. I would struggle to get many of these on a good day. Others seem so obvious it is almost embarrassing. I'm hoping some will at least persuade you to look up the artist or track, though no offense would be taken in some cases! As per EineKleineRob, when they get correctly answered in the comments I will aim to cross them off.

UPDATE: I'll give credit too:
  • first one goes to Marie (no 17) - she's also half-way there on one (no 23)
  • second in is Nat (no 11), though I KNOW that Joe would have got it too if he had been in sooner...
  • third identifier is Stu_N (no 9)
  • fourth identifier is Gordon who momentarily gets distracted by thoughts of Suzanne Vega's cracking track the The Queen and the Soldier (no 1) before correctly identifying one of the most embarrassing entries (no 5) and then getting two goodies (no 19 - last heard by The Sundays in the classic Buffy episode The Prom; and filling in Marie's gap with no 23)
  • fifth in is Baby Washington going straight to that one Gordon briefly confused (no 1)
  • sixth in is Billy, obviously getting in ahead of EineKleineRob who I was sure would be first on the buzzer (no 24)
  • seventh in line is our erstwhile housemate George with three I was pretty sure he would get - and possibly ONLY he would get - when they popped up on the Party Shuffle radar! (no 3, no 4, and no 18)
  • eighth in is EineKleineRob who finally managed to get the Ohrwurm out of his head for wrongly singing "Flowers on the Wall" (no 18)
  • ninth in - and this is special! - comes Chrissie, longtime blog-reader finally peeping up above the blog-world parapet to contribute! Go Chrissie Go! (no 20)
  • tenth is a return for Baby Washington (no 22)
  • eleventh is Cloudy Neil coming up with the goods from his Pere Ubu-filled mind (no 10)
  • twelfth is Chris in the comments getting in a neat remark about good taste; sadly Party Shuffle is no respector of taste and can pull up the sublime next to the stupid. And remember folks that most of the collection isn't even ON the computer yet... Well done anyway Chris (no 13)
  • thirteenth in is Col to get the much loved track "Brassneck"; ah my days dancing to that at Rock City Nottingham! (no 21)


Marie said...

17 - Wannadies, You and Me Song.
The Sugar Daddy one I remember clear as day, but I can't think who it's by. CJ Bolland?

I'll do this too, but how do you do the code for crossing things out?

Matt_c said...

It's STRIKE - use normal HTML formatting (greater than, less than to open, and the forward slash to close).

Aside from the Wannadies I dont know any of these songs. Upsetting.

Rob said...

Number 15 is "Counting FLowers on The Wall". I can remember most of the lyrics though not the name of the band, annoyingly. I always loved the idea of "Playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of 51..."

Nat said...

No. 11 Meredith Brooks. Bitch

Nope, thats it. Have no idea on the rest!

JoeinVegas said...

Oh, the only one I knew was 11 and Nat got here first.

But sorry Rob, I know Flowers by heart, and it doesn't start so sad. (Don't know what it is though) The Statler Brothers did the most listened to version, but country star Loretta Lynn also did it earlier - "I keep hearing you're concerned about my happiness . . " (see, I do know some)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Marie - can you give me a title for your other guess! You're halfway there!

Anonymous said...

No. 9 is Wake Up Boo! by the Boo Radleys.

Gordon said...

1. Suzanne Vega? Elvis Costello... dammit... dammit.. dammit.

5. Ohh god. It's Starship, isn't it.. Nothing's gonna stop us now. (I hate myself for knowing that).

19. Wild Horses by the Stones

23. CJ Bolland... er... Sugar Daddy.. no.. Sugar is Sweeter or something?? (good noisy track).

And yes, I'll be nicking this one too.

Anonymous said...

The soldier asked my name, did I come here very often is from Sleep of the Just by Elvis Costello

Marie said...

Yes I think Gordon is right re Sugar is Sweeter so we can share credit...

Billy said...

"I was lost, lost on the bypass road, could be worse, I could be turned to toad" is Hometown Unicorn by the Super Furry Animals.

Anonymous said...

3. "I'm not the chemistry of chemicals when we think we're apart" is Amplifico's Flutter from Home Takes 2!

4. "Take me back to your room, tie me up and strip me naked" is Ballboy's Sex is Boring from Guide to the Daylight Hours

18. "This afternoon, your back's not so straight, your eyes aren't too clear" is Throwing Muses' Shark from Limbo (proud of this one!)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Damn you George, you got the three I was CERTAIN pretty much only you would get!!! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I think 22 is Portishead, but I can't remember what the song is called - anyone?

Rob said...

Oh fuckfuckfuck, That's what I get for posting quickly with the song running round in my head (my daughter was desperate to get back on the PC and IC with her boyfriend). I ran through the whole verse and then my brain seamlessly segued into the wrong chorus. (It does go very well,actually, though the lyrics don't make too much sense after the verse.)

It is of course (hangs head in shame) "Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends" from Phil OChs's marvellous album "Pleasures Of The Harbor". Dammit, I have the track myself! (Best track on the album is "The Crucifixion", though, with the absolutely staggering arrangement by Joseph Byrd.) (And I saw the man doing "Flower Lady" when he appeared in Manchester in, ooh, 1966, I think.)

(Honour restored, slinks off....)

Gordon said...

Did a little Googling last night (I'm not submitting the answers though) and one of YOUR posts is the third answer for one of these... around june last year.

Funny that.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Baby Washington: you're close, so close... just need the title now...

And Gordon: I think I know which one you mean...! it's a roaring favourite of mine!