Thursday, June 15, 2006

Meantime, meantime... (oh you get the picture): Beatles stuff

Matt_c directs me to a FABULOUS post about the Beatles, which has a great deal of affection for "Beatles for Sale". I almost cannot find fault with either Matt_c's directing me to it, or the post itself. I expect Fuzzboy and MaximumBob would appreciate it as well.


bot37363838 said...

Ha ha! Yes, I've been saying it for years. Beatles for Sale is their best record. I love the sound and textures of it, the economy in the writing and recording, and the fact that it still sounds modern.

Best heard in Mono, of course!

Matt_c said...

It's such a good record. Real variety to it too. I love the opening of Mr Moonlight especially - mainly because of Lennon fucking it up on the Anthology outtake.