Monday, June 05, 2006

Rosby strikes again...

And since in a relatively short while it will vanish into the Haloscan ether of cyberspace, I hope Marie will not mind me reprinting the latest comment-located mind-warp genius from Rosby here at Rullsenberg.

Oooh...feeling another scenario emerging...

[Scene: an office; Marie (twitching ever so slightly) is being interviewed by Russell T Davies]

Russell: So, Marie; why would you like to work on the set of Dr Who?

Marie: *Well*, I've always been *very* interested in the way that television works.

Russell: Really? Any specific interests about the, er...workings of television?

Marie: Well, um...I'd like to see how stuff is done, know...get it onto the box. You know...make-up...costumes...

Russell: [Slightly unnerved.] Okaaayy. Right. It says here that you're an accomplished author.

Marie: Indeed I am. In fact, I've written a Dr Who episode for you! [She hands it over.]

Russell: Hmm...[flicks through it]. do realise that you haven't included Rose in this, *anywhere*?

Marie: [Unconvincingly.] Really? Good Lord, that...slipped my mind.

Russell: [Leaning forward.] Marie, please tell me...why do you really want this job?

Marie: [Exasperated.] OK, OK, fine, I want this job so that I can stare lustfully at David Tennant and hopefully take Sophia's place if she ever buggers off, OK? I know I'm a bad person.

Russell: Nah, it's all right. That's why I took this job as well.

Marie: Really?

Russell: Yeah, of course! I mean, how could you not stare into those gorgeous brown eyes as he does a scene? That wonderful grin...that hair...

[Suddenly, David Tennant enters the office but Russell, caught up in a daze, doesn't notice.]

Russell: That lithe, lean, body pressed up against the fabric of that GORGEOUS suit...

David: [Hand already on the doorknob.] I'll come back later, shall I?
Genius girl..., utter genius...

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Marie said...

I don't mind at all - Rosby's words must be preserved for posterity, just think what we can sell them for once she's collecting her Best Screenplay Oscar.