Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Forthcoming blog posts: June

Yeah, I've had another rough period where paying attention to blogging has slipped slightly. This week alone I've done two DSA Needs Assessments, said a (kind-of) farewell to someone I know, and had a long conversation with a very dear friend. The hours have just slipped by.

So here's an indication of topics I will try and post on over the next few days. Last time I tried this it almost worked except that the planned post on second-hand and independent bookshops got lost off the end. I'll try and get back to that.

Anyway, here's the list

small child impersonating David Tennant
more stripes
pen portrait
why some students think study support is 'cheating' (and how wrong they are)
teddy bears (Chrissie, Lisette: no giggling at the back there!)
thoughts on the World Cup so far

Hmmm... I must eat some dinner... (that's a remark to me and not a post-preview...)

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JoeinVegas said...

Teddy bears!!!! And stripe pictures!!!!