Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In the comments and posts

Lovely Matt_c proposes a new serial post called "The Best Sentence I've Read Today!" It was fab to see he'd picked Marie, one of the wittiest writers on the block/blog, and one who frequently brings a smile to me (and often a loud guffawing laugh as well).

However, in re-reading Marie ('cos I had read it and howled anyway), I spotted this gem of an exchange in the comments, which - as we know - will disappear into the internetthangether at some point soon.

So if you haven't read them already, here is it is.

I laughed like a drain as you might guess!

Dear Aunt Marie,

My secret girlfriend Mia Maestro doesn't even know I exist! What should I do?! Should I hide in the bushes outside her house, or break into her bedroom to steal her underwear?! Or what?!!
HolyhosesRob | Homepage | 06.23.06 - 10:36 pm | #


Dear HHRob,
Make a friend of yours move into the flat downstairs from her, and offer to shag her for a bowl of sugar.
Aunt Marie
strugglingauthor | Homepage | 06.24.06 - 3:08 am | #

And verily I say, priceless.

PS if you don't get why it's so funny, you need to read the collected back catalogue of Marie. It's all good, but this particular narrative started here.

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Marie said...

*blushes* - I'm very flattered by the accolade! And for some reason my browser can't post on matt_c's blog, so an indirect thank you to him from here.