Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Those outstanding lines from "25 lines"

Any more takers?

The following remain up for grabs:

2. Well you know it's bigger than me, and you know it's bigger than you

6. I just held on and hoped you'd find the nowhere else you'd find my kind

7. Something has to change and it always does

8. Baby, let me make you a statue, to stand outside the Council House

10. I think about you all the time, I did this and I went there - Codex: Pere Ubu [Cloud got there!]

12. I don't need to need you, tell me what to do, tell me what to say

13. I'm floating with the birds, I'm talking to the weeds, look what you've done to me - Crush in the Ghetto: Jolie Holland [Chris]

14. Something that can make you do wrong, make you do right

16. Heaven is a disaster, and you won't get there any faster

20. This town forgets to draw its blinds, I see the last ditch carnal crimes - Tarmac: Hazeldine [Chrissie! Finally entering the blog world to comment!]

21. No, I sent you that letter, to ask you if the end was worth the means, was there really no inbetween? - Brassneck: The Wedding Present [Col]

22. In the days, the golden days, where everybody knew what they wanted - Half Day Closing: Portishead [Baby Washington got the clue about "being half way there!"]

25. I wouldn't shut your eyes just yet, I wouldn't turn the lights down yet

So there you have it! Just a reminder!


Anonymous said...

Number20 is Tarmac by Hazeldine. Some superb lyrics in this song!

JoeinVegas said...

Sorry L, when listening all the words just flow by. Now you expect us to have heard them? (AND remember them?)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Just teasing folks! I was just aware the lost had sunk down the blogpost list...

No pressure; as I said originally even I wouldn't get quite a few of these... though YEAH to Chrissie for commenting for the first time to get Tarmac!

Anonymous said...

Half Day Closing?

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

This makes my head hurt. :)

Neil said...

Number 10 is Codex by Pere Ubu.

"I think about you all the time".

That's either romantic, or very creepy. I think it's romantically creepy.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Well done Baby Washington!

And well done Neil - you got around to it!

Paulie said...

No 14 is that Flying Burritto Brothers song (I think Dylan wrote it?) "Do Right Woman"

The chorus is....

"If you want a do right, all night woman, then you need to be a do right all night man...."

I think a motown artist covered it as well, but I can't think who.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Paulie... erm, gosh, well it could be but it ain't!


Anonymous said...

13 is Crush in the Ghetto by Jolie Holland. Congratulations on your good taste.
Commiserations, though, on your bad taste, in thinking that any other songs are worthy to be mentioned in the same post as Jolie's.

Lucky Col said...

21 is "Brassneck" by the superb, still fantastic Wedding Present.

Cool blog, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Dammit! After 2 days I get the Portishead one to discover I've been pipped!