Sunday, March 04, 2007

Primeval catch up

Well, it looks as if I will be carving out some further slots of time for Primeval, following the news that the delightfully nonsensical dino-romp is getting a second series. Yippee!

So far, against the odds, in valiant face of changes of opinion (Medium Rob) and rages against the light (they haven't been underground or working at night for a couple of eps Anna so no torches!), I've kept with the programme. And I have to say, I like it. I think it's hugely entertaining. 'Course, there's no denying that with that voice and those eyes I would still be carving time for the talents of Mr Henshall regardless, but even the initially more annoying characters have won me over. I actually care about Connor, and felt for his dopey geek friends. I even don't hate Miller's awful James Lester as much as I did (except in so much as you're meant to), though Helen Cutter so deserves a real slap. And I really loved it when the patently jealous Claudia complained that Helen was getting on her nerves only for Cutter to riposte that "she had that effect on me too", causing a wry smile from stoical Stephen. Lovely stuff.

Just two more eps to screen in series one! Can't wait for series two! More dinos please. And, oh yeah, can I get a substitute place in Claudia's shoes next week for the scene where she gets a great kiss from Cutter?



Oh, and by the way, I do wish they hadn't got to keep mucking about with the airtime. It's back to 7.20pm again next week (Blogmeet day, so definitely video setting). Grr.

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