Sunday, March 04, 2007

London 22-25 February: Post 5 - Food, drinks and cakes

Of course, no visit to London is complete without a drink in the Chandos. It's long been a favourite haunt of ours, not least for its cheapness in central London.

Chandos London - near the national portrait gallery

Mind, we did find some time for cakes as well!

Amato cakeshop, Soho
Neil's Amato cake
Rullsenberg's Amato cake

And we found a very nice and friendly Lebanese restaurant called Adonis just on Goodge Street where we really ate our fill, Neil had some excellent cardomom infused coffee, and we had our picture taken.

Rullsenberg and Neil at Adonis, London


jams o donnell said...

You can't go wrong with frequenting the Chandos. It's always been one of my favourtie watering holes too

Reidski said...

While I thing Samuel Smith pubs are so very weird, the Chandos is a London landmark, particularly as a kind of post-demo gathering place. As I don't do much in the demo-doing these days, I don't frequent it much, but did go there with JJ for a G&T over the christmas holidays. You were upstairs in the comfy sofas obviously?
Loving all this London stuff from you btw - hence all these comments (which may seem like stalking, so I'll have to stop now)!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Reidski, we LOVE your comments! All of them!

Jams - I heartily approve of your delight in the Chandos

Anonymous said...

Love that sweeeeeets!!!!

~by Coffee WholesalePersonnel