Friday, March 23, 2007

Groucho Club encounters

Marie has a great post on being at the Groucho Club which is not at all wanky despite her fretting.

Mind, the post was not only funny in itself but also drew some amusing comments:

Phew, for a moment I thought you were going to say DT walked in.
Fessing Author | 03.23.07 - 11:09 am | #


Sadly no, but apparently Billie Piper was there with Laurence Fox earlier in the evening.
strugglingauthor | 03.23.07 - 11:40 am | #


What would you do if DT walked in? Am thinking your funny hiccuping thing would be involved.
Jessica | Homepage | 03.23.07 - 5:30 pm | #
If my own inadequacies faced with Mr Whedon are anything to go by I think just avoiding to hit the ground with a thunk would out-do me...

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