Sunday, March 04, 2007

London 22-25 February: Post 1 - David Strassman

I remember seeing David Strassman on TV waaaaayyy back when. Even under the anaesthetic of TV, mainstream or even late-night, it was obvious that there was a far deeper vein of wickedness than TV could accommodate. Still, both me and my mom responded well to his distinctive talent for wiping the floor with the usual ventriloquist acts around.

Forward to now, and our trip to London last weekend. Neil reads Time Out on the train: "David Strassman's in London; do you want to go see him?"

You bet!

So it was we rang up the Pleasance Theatre and booked ourselves in to see his live show there. Damn, it was good. And although clearly the Pleasance isn't on the scale of a West End theatre, it was actually far more pleasurable to see an act such as his in a more intimate environment. And we wisely sat far enough back to be beyond the reach of Chuck Wood's projections....

Of course, after the show we made sure we picked up a Ted E. Bare and a DVD. Hugely good fun to watch and full of great memories: "he put molten lava in my bed!"

Ted. E. Bare

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Reidski said...

I like the Pleasance. Took my then four-year-old son there to watch a staged musical version of the Animals of Farthing Wood and it was fantastic. And me and JJ were in that bar next door yesterday for Sunday lunch and very nice it was too.