Saturday, March 31, 2007

Doctor Who returns

Neil laughed at me yesterday listening to Simon Mayo on Radio5. I kept sticking my fingers in my ears and going "la-la-la" because as nice as it was to listen to Sweet FA* talking about New Who, I also want to keep myself as unspoilered as I possibly can about the new series. I realise that this is akin to needing to lock myself in a sound-proof booth for all moments apart from 7-7.45pm on a Saturday for the next 13 weeks (and probably shorter if I want to skip the trailers at the end of the programme), but damn it I am going to try.

So how excited am I?


Well I think subdued anticipation would best describe it. I have had a week away from work and have got so out of kilta with myself I even forgot to set myself a reminder about the Doctor Who Weakest Link Special last night.


Oh well, come 7pm I will be sat with a grin on my sofa. I certainly need cheering up.

* nickname circulated by MediumRob

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