Thursday, March 08, 2007

Belated Bloglines gem

Hee. I love it when Bloglines throws up a random curveball of a post from several months earlier.

This one from Schiaparelli dates from October 2006 and a report on the Donmar Warehouse's Q&A for The Cryptogram and unsurprsingly charmed me:

Douglas Henshall was adorably quiet, just sat staring at his bottle of beer, and occasionally answered a question in a soft Scottish voice. [...]

There were MORE people there than I'd ever seen before at a Donmar Q&A, nearly the whole audience, and when we came out Gigi wondered why.

Me: I suppose it's because Kim Cattrall was in it. Y'know, audience full of girls. Kim Cattrall.
Gigi: Why, who is she?
Me: She's in Sex And The City.. you know..
Gigi: Oh THAT. I don't watch THAT. I just thought, pfft, some American. I was only there for Douglas Henshall. I assumed they were too.
Well of course...!

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JoeinVegas said...

What - they weren't there to see Kim?