Sunday, March 04, 2007

Posts of people

Troubled Diva confirms the view of everyone barring bonkers Paul Morley on NewsNight Review that Inland Empire is confusing and a waste of three hours...

Medium Rob gets us to fess our impulse purchases: his make me feel good.

Marie demonstrates she has a one-track mind (and we love her for it).

George gets up a munro and two again and tells us all about it in words and pictures - though that's with no thanks to his trade-marked Beta-Bollocks (TM)
J.J. has wise criticism on the notion of benefit cheating.

Clare has been confused why a Conservative party forum thread has been sending people to her website. But she is, at least, fine.

And Joe's lovely E Friday pics continue to delight. Bless that child, she's a joy to watch growing up.

Right, that's a few updates people. I do have to now try and get on with a life.


Anonymous said...

Now, you see, that's the exact kind of distortion of figures that you, in the media, need to avoid. The Carusometer is a precise statistical measure of the quality of any show and clearly demonstrates that my opinion about the original episode of Primeval has remained constant - it's just I have a lower opinion of the following episodes, giving a lower mean for the show overall than the first episode might have suggested.

Yey Carusometer!

Anonymous said...

Of course, that would have made more sense if I'd posted it on the previous entry... The Carusometer has clearly made me giddy with excitement.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Me 'umble apologies sire... I did not mean to imply you were not true to your original statement...

And indeed the Carusometer rules!