Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blogmeet roundup and stripes in apology

Kick me now. A week on and STILL no proper acknowledgement of all the lovely people I met at last week's blogmeet. Shame on me: blogging from bed the day after is no excuse!

Still, that'll larn me, trying to write posts in bloodybloggerbetaboswelox.

Never mind.

Here is me wearing the outfit I wore to the blog event...

Rullsenberg in stripes
So, I guess I better get to the key stuff, like all the blogs of the people at the Nottingham blogmeet?

A Rest Is As Good As A Change (now on hiatus, but an active blog supporter and all round great person: I mean, a West Midlander and fan of Cud, how could she not be!?)
Argy Bargey (the word charming was made for his engaging conversationalism)
The Bargain Basement (fan of 80s music and high cheese: he even had his own t-shirt)
A Cloud in Trousers (I think I know him...)
Drama Queen, Fag Hag, JAP (Miss Mish: may she always be carried)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (this is his blogmeet review (whose company - and whisky - was much welcomed over the entire weekend)
Niles' Blog (Alex, who arrived with a grin and stayed that way and by his account had a great day)
Reluctant Nomad (showing true dedication to meeting bloggers despite the transport)
Tranniefesto (Siobhan: who was delightful company and whose statement "blogmeets are cool" sums up the day)
Troubled Diva (without whom this would have been a smaller meeting indeed... all this in the midst of creating the best Red Nose Day fund-raiser ever)

Thank you folks. It was a grand day out.


Sarah said...

Hello Stripey-lady! Twas certainly a grand day out (though the volume of wine that myself and the Bargain consumed made for a very messy end of day indeed) - thank you for your part in making it happen...

Sorry that the sharing of a classic track is turning out to be so traumatic. Probably a good job we didn't get onto the subject of my Rufus Wainwright obsession...

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Rufus!!! Awh man, we are destined to get along...(just try search Rufus on my blog... and my review from his Nottingham appearance...)

JoeinVegas said...

I don't think the leggings were enough. Where is the striped shirt, the stripes on the skirt, the gloves? MORE STRIPES!!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yikes: ever feel you set yourself up for a fall?

On the subject of stripes then, I have clearly passed into the "could try harder" category!

Rob said...

I found Lisa's stripes delightful. And quite sufficient. Ignore Joe: he's just greedy. I assure you, Joe, that when they're only A COUPLE OF FEET AWAY the leggings are just fine.

There. That's him tellt.