Friday, November 04, 2005

Yesterday's Shakespeare's Sister blog question: BAD movies

Oh there are some howling corkers on the comments for this.

Not sure its the worst, but the time I spent watching "Cats and Dogs" is time I'm not getting back, and that really makes me cross...

Loved this comment left on the Sis blog by litbrit:
Forrest Gump.
The only reason I saw it was that my dentist had just acquired these strap-on-video glasses that let you watch a movie while he did your root canal. The thing was fresh out of the box, and the only movie he'd bother to buy, at that point, was Forrest Gump. All I could think was, Sure, what the'll take my mind off the fact that you're drilling into my jawbone and scraping out nerve tissue.
So I watched this film on my back, head lower than feet, with my mouth prised open and these clunky movie-screen goggles strapped to my face. And I swear, the root canal was the lesser torture.

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