Friday, November 04, 2005

The Lorna Post: belated

What can I say? I was hopping up and down for the CD for months and then it takes me an age to find the time to listen to it properly.

Anyway: Lorna's second full length official release "Static Patterns and Souvenirs" "[Words on Music, Minnesota,USAWMO17] is a beautifully structured gentle collection of songs. It has flutes, some great guitar playing, and - best of all - harmonies to die for. There's a wistful quality to their style, to their writing, and the music perfectly accompanies that.

Ironically, even the band themselves acknowledge that the live shows "whilst paying tribute to the fragility and tenderness of the recordings, tend to be a far more dynamic and maverick affair." Too true.

Anyway, in terms of this album I think the finest tribute I can pay is that Neil Young would love the overall musical shape and feel of the album, Low and Lambchop would love its melodic qualities, and Brian Wilson would adore the meshing of lyrical flow and the way the music envelopes the listener.



Anonymous said...

This is a snivelling attempt to curry favour and worm my way back into your affections (what do you mean, I was never in them to begin with?)

I heard a modern 'pop' singer the other day. That in itself is almost unique, but also, I liked her! (People rocking back on their heels, eyes bulging like a Bateman cartoon in which some-one has said bollocks to the Bishop!) Anyway, I kid you not, I really liked this girl's voice not least because she was more of a jazz singer than the usual screech and shout brigade. Then, in one of those rare coincidences that make you wonder, two days later I saw her (by accident) on the 'telly', and she is seriously drop dead gorgeous! (Er, not a patch on you, of course.) Unfortunately I can't remember her name, Kathy something or other. Any ideas?

Anyway, you can see I am trying very hard to, er, get with it! 'E' for Effort, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Problem solved! Last night my mobile memory bank (aka: the little 'Memsahib') went to bed early - I don't know why she's always so tired - and thus failed to remind me of this singer's name which is, of course, Katie Melua.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Erm... If I rephrase a title of hers to "The closest thing to blandness" would you get the clue as to my response?

Nah, probably not.

Could I suggest Madeleine Peyroux, Keren Ann, Francoise Hardy, Kate Campbell... I can reel off some others....