Friday, November 25, 2005

A little late arrival: Paul the Spud sets Question of the Day at Shakespeare's Sister - "which song do you wish you had written?"

Lots of great answers, and of course much discussion of the marvellous "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen.

My choice for what I wish I had written? today I would go for the brilliant Nick Cave and "God is in the House". I'm with my pal George that the line about "Well-meaning little therapists, Goose-stepping twelve-stepping Tetotalitarianists" - great alliteration!

Awesome song too.


Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated to the Shakespeare's Sister post, but I couldn't find anywhere appropriate to put it...

I just noticed you have Jim Dodge's Stone Junction in your recommended reading list. I love his stuff. And I got to meet him! And spent a good half hour or so nattering with the great man himself! He's wonderful. He's published by Canongate, and therefore got to share a book launch with the wonderful Helen Walsh. Oooh, I forgot about that. She shared a book launch with Jim Dodge. How cool is that? And to think, they very nearly published me... *sigh* Oh well, next time.

augurwell said...

First line, 4th verse; I write ...

"Get the money up front first
otherwise you'll be cursed
Then deliver"

Bob wrote:

"Well Shakespeare he's in the ally
With his pointed shoes and gun ...
Waiting for some French girls ...
To go off and have some fun ..."
"As Lady and I look out tonight on desolation row"
There are many many good tunes.
Tom Waits is an amazing poet. The simplicity of Chuck Berry, "As I was motivating back to town, I saw a Cadillac sign said 'No Money Down'"
"Well there's Jimi Hendrix and there's me." Neil Young.

Cohen, just about anything he's done.

Portus Head, Beth can really do it on "Nobody loves me ... like you do"

etc. etc.


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