Tuesday, November 29, 2005

On supporting Nottingham Forest

Now aren't you all glad that I have no offspring to indoctrinate?!

Brilliant - especially the audio clip at the end.

As a Forest fan, born and bred under the age of glory, now all too saddened by the recent traumas, I totally understand the desire to keep supporting the team - even if it does mean fibbing a little bit. Never mind, you could always make out like Superman: you know, the glasses make him look like a totally different person who seems to be in two places at the same time!


JoeinVegas said...

Come on, are you sure you wouldn't like a whole brood to train for yourself? Little 'mini-me' Lisa's?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Dear God no...

The world has enough to deal with having ONE of me: more would simply be druel to everyone.