Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Clare had a great Book festival, but "the pressures of life"...

Awh, Clare really is feeling the strain of living with building work and trying to manage her busy life. Reading her recent comments I was kinda reminded of the Lloyd Cole song, "Patience" (sorry Hakmao), and thinking about what she said brought back how easy it is to not realise the destructive power of stress.

Even though the book festival was apparently great, Clare is clearly feeling the strain of "the pressures of life" and don't ever underestimate how hard that can be. It can shape how even the most confident people can lose perspective on what they do and how good they are. It truly is about 'mental healthiness': knowing yourself and when to ask for help, love and support is great but it can also help to make those around you aware that you may not always know when things are bleak/getting bleak.

Clare's a great gal and I hope we all rally round to remind her how wonderful she is.

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