Monday, November 28, 2005

Just to annoy Duffman: The Evening Standard Theatre Awards

It's the Awards season again.

I note that Claire Higgins and Brian Dennehy both have nominations for Death of Salesman. Sadly, the lovely Douglas Henshall has not been nominated (boo!).

However, before Duffman gets his knickers in a knot (as he so often does), he may want to know that Eve Best was nominated for her performance in Hedda Gabler.

That should keep him quiet.


Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

Go Don Carlos! :)

Anonymous said...

I would have you know, Ms. Rullsenberg, that it is impossible for my knickers to get in a knot because they are silky, slinky and skin-tight!

Well, two pairs are 'cos I got caught short (or shortless) in Bayeaux (I forgot to pack underpants) and the little 'Memsahib' insisted that I buy two pairs of French ones. Well, all I can say is that it is no wonder the French lost their empire! Happily I am now back in my St. Michael 'grandees', nice and British and baggy, and in a rather fetching airtex cotton.

To know me is to love me!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Dear God, I feel rather ill...

(Note to self: allow Duffman NO opportunities for gratuitous informing of readership about his underwear proclivities... Bleugh...)