Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fancy playing "Through the (Bloggers) Keyhole"?

Try at Clare's to spot the bloggers houses...

If you scroll down the posts you can look at each house individually and decide on your match between blogger and house. There are 13 of us in total (yes, we're in there).

Clare gives the low down on the participants:
"There are 13 participants, and they are as follows:
Mike from Troubled Diva. He has TWO houses, and a Princess Diana Memorial Garden.
Gordon from Gordon McLean. He lives in Scotland, and is good at computers and stuff.
Pen from A Typical Pen. She's into flowers.
Ruth from Meanwhile Here In France. She's a musician who lives in the French countryside, with her painter husband.
Zinnia from Real E Fun, who directs funerals at a mystery location.
Rob from Eine Kleine Nichtmusik, who also lives in Scotland, and is a musician in his spare time.
Vitriolica from Unkempt Women, who lives, and indeed draws/paints, in Portugal with two small children and a professor.
Yclepta from Yclepta, who is a discerning feminist.
Zoe from My Boyfriend is a Twat. She lives in Belgium. With newts. And a twat.
Clair from Merialc.com: Life in Reverse, who takes lots of great photos and does things backward.
Clare from Boob Pencil, who has a thing about breasts.
Lisa from Rullsenberg Rules, who gobbles up all aspects of culture and lives with a cloud.
Joe from Joe in and around Las Vegas, who lives in Las Vegas. Oh no, was that a secret? Sorry."

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I still don't know which is which, so am enjoying playing the game myself.

There was one house I looked at and straight away thought it must be you, Lisa. I'll be very interested to find out if I'm right!

mike said...

Oh! Another Nottingham blogger! Pleased to meet you!

Gordon said...

Tricky this, isn't it!