Saturday, November 19, 2005

Self-referentiality: the Guardian mention

I link to the Guardian...

The Guardian links to me: sadly though it seems not online (its page 36 if you find a real life page-turning copy - or if you have the digital subscription to the Grundie).

Trust me, after beginning the day with the further adventures of Sneezy and Sneezier (aka Cloud and me), plus the cat arriving to sit on the bed and only proceeding to immediately barf all over me, the day HAD to get better!


Rob said...

I spotted the reference in the printed edition and had only just given up trying to find it online.

Wonder if you'll get any new regukars as a result?

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

You'll be beating them off with a stick! When I saw the reference, I was so happy for my blogging mentor :)

West said...

I know we live in a whingeing culture Lisa, but c'mon!

You get barfed on by a cat and then you find out that The Grauniad has linked to your site and that's a bad day??

I've been emailing the Grauniad on a daily basis for the past 17 months just for a liddle biddy mention in the Guide AND I regularly get shat on by my retarded (and possibly sadistic) chinchilla and do you hear a peep oudda me?? (Apart from the icessant whinnying, not a dicky bird)

OK, perhaps I've overstepped the mark calling the editor of GU (and I quote) "a sanctimonious woman-hating sow with an ego the size of China and hairy legs twice as bandy", but you'd think they'd cut me some slack, wouldn't you? I mean, it always used to be the paper of the oppressed, dammit!

Well done lady (he said, enviously)


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

It was a bad day UNTIL we spotted the Guardian thing - then what had been a bad day got better (although the sneezes are still dominant...)