Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blunkett gone

Can't say I am surprised about Blunkett resigning, though I did find Nick Robinson's remarks on the radio yesterday rather interesting. He was saying how Blunkett had sought support from his sons to use their inheritance to fund his case for paternity rights against Spectatorgal. Taking up opportunities to pay something back to their inheritance was probably a key reason for Blunkett's (ill-judged) actions.

Of course, matters of inheritance, share-holding and the like are pretty difficult to judge appropriate on the left, but even so I found Robinson's analysis shed a different light on Blunkett's actions.

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Rob said...

saudesThe only thing I'll miss about David Blunkett is the guide dog, who was kinda cool.

I used to reckon that Jack Straw had done the impossible by making Michael Howard look in retrospect like a pretty decent Home Secretary. David Blunkett did the same favour for Jack Straw.