Wednesday, November 02, 2005

C4 take "The Closer" out

Hmmm. I always hate it when programmes just "disappear", but I especially hate it when its done without warning and replaced by Jimmy Carr.

Apparantly the rating for "The Closer" were so bad that it did not just get bumped to another slot in the schedule, it got pulled completely. It may reappear on More4 (great: pixelated Freeview means we can't GET More4). So how come when I phoned and mentioned the name of the programme the operator at C4 groaned? Clearly I wasn't the only one bothered enough to call about its disappearance, and given that mostly only a very small percentage of viewers will be bothered enough to call up to a TV station about shifting schedules, just how bad were those ratings. Less good than a repeated Jimmy Carr programme, a collection of clips about "scary moments" that was A DAY LATE FOR HALLOWEEN!?

Sorry, had a 'caps on' moment there. Jimmy Carr has that effect on me. You know, sexist and racist jokes are just that, no matter how much he claims to be doing it 'with irony'...

I'm still pissed about The Closer disappearing though: I was really warming to the quirky toughness of Kyra Sedgewick's Brenda.


Marie said...

It's because TV companies don't know the diffrence between quantity and quality. In other words, three million bored viewers are better than three hundred thousand fascinated ones. Only a few people may have been watching the Closer, but they were obviously all loving it, far more than the zillion people snoring through Jimmy Carr's latest effort because they can't be bothered to switch over.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...


You are SO right!