Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shakespeare: "57 academics just punched the air..."

Well, this one certainly did!

What a cracking episode that was: a fair bit scary, very funny in places, Tennant's Doctor being suitably Doctor-ish, and Martha proving herself to be savvy again. And the cross references - not just to Shakespeare - were very well handled... especially in the link back to Ten's first adventure. So far even the hard-to-please reviewers at Behind the Sofa have been charmed by the episodes of NewWHo season 3 (who in the past have hilariously - and sometimes rightly - torn both classic and NewWho several strips).

Of course, I do feel a slight tinge of "grr" but that solely relates to the matter of them filming in Coventry. Dammit, I had to live in that hole for 4 years. You couldn't have bought back Who then to make life there a little more tolerable?!

But that's a small niggle. Mind, I could get quite cranky next week as some footie delays transmission till 7.40pm (and hopefully not any bloody later). Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-footie (though supporting Forest doesn't do any heart any good...), but I am Pro-Who. They better finish the match on time, because I for one will not be happy at the schedule pushing Who out for a week...

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