Friday, April 06, 2007

Comments and haloscan

Hmm... well for a trial run you may get better access (minus the sfxhytfadg style comments checker).

But here's the rub. Recently I have had some horrid problems with placing comments on blogs using halo-scan. Ironically, one of the sites giving me most difficulty has been the lovely Joe.

The problem keeps occurring AFTER I have typed in my comment. I press "post" and....

.... nothing.

I get a screen which says I do not have Javascript enabled and to "click here" to return to the comments page (it never allows me to - it just crashes)

I also get a pop up from my security virus protector saying haloscan is trying to attack me.

And then when I try again (usually after closing the browser and re-entering the site) I can't even get the blogs using HaloScan to open properly: there is always a 'crash' on when the blog page loads as it automatically tries to open a haloscan related .gif file.

Any solutions? Reasons?

Cloud was bewildered by Joe's bubbles and wondered if they had anything to do with it - but the bubbles have been on Joe's blog for ages and have never previously caused problems.

Cloud got me a patch from Haloscan. Turns out that when some of the last updates were done there was a problem which occurred for haloscan.

Seems to be fixed now. Phew.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

And here is me checking and yes Joe I can confirm you can add comments easily now...

George said...


JoeinVegas said...


JoeinVegas said...

Oh, I don't have to type in any magic words.