Friday, April 27, 2007

Blogs to come: yes, yes, I know some of these are long promised but bear with me

My computer has been giving me gip.

Blogger has been giving me gip.

Work has been seriously giving me gip. [On which front there's a post in that: mostly positive in terms of me still actually having work.]


Feminism [I need to update, polish and upload - subject to comp/blog problems]

Death Vessel/Low review

Daleks [I'm holding fire until after I see tomorrow. Suffice to say I'm no where near as negative as some have been, but it still needs to convince]

Dyslexia and Julie Burchill

And lots more I have forgotten because fatally I did NOT make a note on my phone reminder system to nudge me and keep a record. Doh.

There's a reason you all come here, right? I mean, seriously, you could read Anna, Rob and Marie and have MUCH more fun...


Marie said...

I'm flattered, but personally I am *desperate* to read your conclusions re Daleks... I don't have more fun reading myself!

Anonymous said...

No, they wouldn't. Write more! Write more!

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

As with Marie, I want Dalek comments! :D

Marie said...

Daleks! Daleks! Daleks!

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Dalek blogging, especially after the ghastly mess that was last night's episode. Too many "oh, come on..." moments to mention, so I'll just pick the last - another emergency temporal shift? "Oh, come on..."

PS thanks for blogrolling my old blog but my old blog is now an ex-blog so could you take my old blog off your blogroll and maybe put my new one on if you want to please thanks very much

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Phil: it's what comes of blogrolling and NOT keeping up with everyone. I haven't even managed to get bloglines up to date let alone visit everyone I want! Shame on me. Am happy to oblige with blogrolling your (not-so-new) blog!