Monday, April 02, 2007

Choc Chip Update

Lakeland thought we were mad (to say the woman on the door was rude would just about cover it: she fair dropped her jaw at the suggestion/question of "do you stock chocolate chips for biscuits?" and if she had cried "WHAAAT?!!!!" a la Kate Ashfield I would have been less surprised). And that's supposed to be a welcome...

Mind, Cloud still thinks they sell 'em so we may have another look. We just have to get past Mrs Rude on the door.

We also tried Lidl, you know, just in case, since they do stock all manner of strange extra stuff. Sadly no bags of plain choc chips. Plenty of strangely named handwash products though. And very large chorizo sausages (we bought the latter).

You can order 1kg bags online in the UK from a choc specialist (but it costs about 12GPB including postage)

Otherwise, most supermarkets only seem to sell bags of about 150gms at about one pound 20 pence per bag. insufficient and costly

Grrr... I will NOT be defeated. I also will not stoop to beg more from Joe. Damn it, this is England, surely a baking capital in Europe!? We must be able to source more plain (or "semi-sweet" to use US parlance) choc chips without resorting to importation?!

In other news, we did buy two small bags and they have gone into the new batch of biscuits/cookies.

They now keep their shape.



Tina said...

If in doubt look on Amazon...

JoeinVegas said...

You could just buy a big bar of chocolate and cut it up into chunks yourself. There are several brands of store made cookies that use chocolate 'chunks' instead of chips. There must be places that sell plain bars - I know there are bunches on the Internet.